Popcorn Favors!

At a recent networking event, we stumbled across a local vendor selling a product we just know you guys will love.  The vendor is called Popcorn Pavilion and they sell gourmet popcorn!

Not excited yet?  Well, don’t worry, because we’re just getting started.  Not only is their popcorn delicious, but it’s fresh (popped and seasoned right there on site!) and perfect for party favors.  If you’re feeling up for a little DIY project, you can buy a big bag of their popcorn and then divvy it up into smaller cellophane bags.

A little popcorn, a little ribbon, and presto!  Party favors that people will gobble up!  But wait, there’s something missing: That little something extra.  The custom element that will really make your favors shine.  It’s missing a custom label!

Custom labels are the perfect thing to turn your popcorn favors into custom popcorn favors.  Our labels are completely self-adhesive, so all you have to do is personalize them and then stick them on!

If you don’t happen to live in our neighborhood, don’t worry.  There are tons of places to buy gourmet popcorn, and if you have your heart set on Popcorn Pavilion we happen to know they ship so you can still get your hands on this tasty treat.  Just don’t forget to add custom labels to your popcorn favors for that little something extra!


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