Ideas for Family Reunions

[singlepic id=106 w=160 h=240 float=center]Family reunions are a lot of work!  Between the coordination, the planning, and the logistics, pulling a family reunion together could become a full time job!  Many people find the endeavor worthwhile, though, because watching people reconnect and helping others rediscover relatives they’ve lost touch with can be heartwarming.  Even if the family gathering isn’t filled with sentimental poignant moments, at the very least you’ve got a weekend solely devoted to relaxing and having fun.

Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

A fun way to take care of a vital necessity (plenty of clean drinking water) while reinforcing the togetherness aspect of the reunion is to use customized bottled water.  We’ve seen hundreds of customers order personalized water labels for family reunions and we love the idea.  It’s a really neat way to identify the people at the reunion (if the venue is a large, crowded space like a park) and a cute way to put a personalized spin on something you’ll need to have plenty of anyway (bottled water).

A very popular family reunion water label design is “America Bottle Label.”  The water droplet background is refreshing and there’s plenty of space on the label for reunion information.  If your reunion is around the 4th of July, “Bold Stripes Label” is also a popular selection.  We have so many designs to choose from that no matter what the style or theme of your reunion is going to be you’ll have plenty of design options to choose from.

The great thing about personalizing your water is that it opens up a ton of great opportunities to customize your event.  You could design a logo for this particular reunion year that incorporates the venue, or you could proudly feature your family crest on t-shirts and water labels.  The options are endless, and we’re more than happy to help you design a label that will look great at your reunion.

For some excellent family reunion planning tips, these websites are extremely helpful:

We offer private label bottled water, so your water bottles arrive labeled and ready to go.  This is perfect for someone who has a lot to do to prepare for the reunion and wants to have one less thing to take care of.  We also offer labels only: waterproof, self-adhesive labels that you can apply to the bottles yourself.  These are less expensive to ship but take time to apply.

If you have any questions or would like to see samples just let us know.  We’d be happy to help make your family reunion special!





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