A Bottle Your Brand Photo Shoot!

Last Thursday, Erika (our resident content queen and writer of this here blog) and Cindy (our graphics genius and all-around creative mastermind) stuffed labels, bottles, and props into Cindy’s truck and brought them to the photography studio of Hank Drew.  Hank, arguably one of the best commercial photographers in Seattle, has a long history of making our products look fabulous, and so it was to him we turned when we needed new product shots.

We spent all day with Hank, arranging, staging, and generally just having fun with our products.  When your products are creative and pretty, it’s really quite a lot of fun to take pictures of them!

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted but we knew we’d gotten some excellent shots.  Cindy and Erika loaded all their things back into Cindy’s truck and left Hank to finish up the photos.

We can’t wait to share the finished photos with all of you.  Once you see how we’ve envisioned our products being used, we assure you that you will flip out.  Of course, the photos are just to give you an idea of how you can use them.  The best ideas remain your own, however, and as always we look forward to receiving pictures from our customers of how they put our products to use.






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