Top Ten Ways to Use Customized Bottled Water In Your Wedding

bachelorette party favorsThere are many ways that wedding water bottles can add to your special day. Here are our top ten ways to use custom label bottled water in your wedding:

1. Turn your water bottle labels into adorable personalized wedding favors by sending each guest home with a bottle that thanks them for coming to your wedding.

2. Use a few bottles in guest baskets to help out-of-town guests feel welcome and right at home.

3. Arrange some water bottles artfully in a tub of ice to keep the wedding party refreshed during pictures.

4. Make sure the bride and groom’s dressing rooms are stocked with snacks and bottles of water.

5. Bring water bottles to the bachelor and bachelorette parties to make sure everyone stays hydrated while they’re partying.

6. Provide the bottles of water to the kids at your wedding, so they’ll have something special to drink as well. Our 8 oz. size is perfect for little hands, and their parents will appreciate the caps on the bottles for preventing spills!

7. Provide a bottle of water next to each place setting at your wedding rehearsal or reception dinner and keep extras on hand next to the dance floor to keep the dancers going strong.

8. Offer personalized water bottles at the bridal shower.

9. Use personalized water labels to create custom centerpieces. Apply labels to flower vases and give your floral centerpieces a custom flair.

10. Stock the getaway car with bottled water so that the bride and groom can get refreshed on their way to happily ever after.

If you’ve used any of these ideas or have any others, feel free to share in the comments section!






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