An Adventurous Retirement Gift!

Retirement parties are always so bittersweet, aren’t they?  On the one hand, you’re thanking someone for their years of hard work and celebrating their accomplishments.  On the other hand, you’re bidding farewell to someone who’s been part of your company for many years and has doubtlessly contributed to your company in many ways.

It’s often appropriate to gift the retiree with something personalized at the retirement party, something that will make them feel valued and will remind them of all the friendships he or she has made over the years.  Personalized gift ideas run the gamut, and you could truly spend hours trying to wade through the many products that can be personalized for someone.  Will your retiree prefer an engraved golf club, or a signed, framed picture from all the people at the office?

If the person who’s retiring enjoys wine, however, the selection process just got a lot simpler!  Instead of getting them yet another corkscrew kit or set of wine glasses, why not gift them with something they’re really going to enjoy?

A personalized bottle of wine says everything you need a retirement gift to say: Thank you, we enjoyed working with you, we know you, and we’ll miss you.  You can customize the label with a design that matches his or her taste, the dates they worked there, their name, and a thank you from the people they’re leaving behind.

[singlepic id=142 w=160 h=240 float=center]We love using “Adventurous Red” for a retirement gift.  We love the vintage map in the background, the bright colors, and the fun font.  It’s a neat way to wish someone well on their future adventures, and the eye-catching design will pop against both white and red wine bottles.  Our wine labels are completely self-adhesive, waterproof, and smudgeproof.  You can customize all the wording, and with a little research you can make sure you stick the label to the person’s favorite bottle of wine.  It really is possible to give someone a personalized, meaningful gift without spending a fortune!





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