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Personalized Kids Name Stickers – Make Some For Your Kid’s Stuff Now

Kids Name Labels – Life Savers for Parents

If your child is involved in a lot of activities, there’s a good chance they have accumulated quite a bit of “stuff.” Name labels are indispensable to any parent shuttling their children between daycare, school, sports, dance, gymnastics, and so on. When your kid’s things have name stickers, they’re easily identifiable, even in the rush of grabbing things to drive from one activity to another. Labeling your child’s stuff decreases the chance of losing expensive items like book bags, soccer shoes, or tablets. Labeling formula bottles and sippy cups keeps your child from sharing germs with other kids. Name labels also decrease your stress level when you’re in a hurry looking for your kids’ stuff and a pile of lunch boxes just like your child’s confronts you.

Name Labels for Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups

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Name Labels are Made from Heavy Duty Material NOT Paper

Anything a kid owns is generally exposed to some less than careful handling. These personalized labels are tough; printed on thick vinyl material with a high gloss finish and are backed with permanent adhesive. They can handle a washing with dish soap and warm water. Plus, they are individually cut and have a peel and stick backing, which makes them easy enough for your child to put them on their stuff.

Kids Name Labels in Custom Shapes

Custom shaped stickers are so adorable they give off a feel good vibe. They’re equal parts cute and functional. When customizing a name label simply pick a shape. Does your child love mermaids?..dinosaurs?..cats? Pick a favorite or upload one and add your child’s name and information. Shaped name labels are perfect for keeping track of daycare items. Their distinctive look makes your child’s things stand out for easy identification.

Kids Name Stickers in Favorite Characters

Shaped name labels for kids. Make your own shaped labels like mermaids, lions, alligators and more for your kid's stuff.

Name Stickers for Kids Water Bottles

Rocket shaped name stickers for kids stuff. Make your own shaped stickers online. Red and gray rocket sticker.

iPad and Tablet Name Stickers for Kids

Race car shaped name labels. School age child holding a tablet with his name label on it. Keep track of all of your kid's things with shaped name stickers.

Kids Name Labels in Rectangles

Kids name labels in rectangles are 3 inches wide by 1 inch high. They are thick, durable, waterproof, and come with a peel and stick backing. You type in the information you want on the name label whether it’s a first name, last name, or phone number.

Kids Name Labels for School Supplies

Kids name stickers on a kids thermos and backpack. Make your own name stickers with your child's name. Kids name sticker with a white bunny and teal background.

Custom Name Stickers for Kids’ Lunchboxes and Books

Mom and child packing a backpack and lunch with unicorn kids name stickers. Waterproof, durable unicorn name stickers you personalize online. 3 inches by 1 inch name labels with permanent adhesive.
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How To Make Personalized Kids Name Labels

Making a kids name label with your child’s name and information is easy. Choose a template from our pre-made designs. Click on the design and there are two options for adding words. Number one – Use the text lines to remove the sample text and type in your words. Number Two click on the blue Customize More button to enter the design studio. When you do that you can change the font style, size and color, plus add more or remove lines of text.

Name Labels for Kid’s Safety Helmets

Child wearing a helmet with a shark shaped name label. Make your own shark labels with your child's name. Name labels for kids safety helmets for bike riding, skate boarding and more.

Kids Name Stickers in Shapes for Thermos’ and Water Bottles

A kid's sports water bottle with a name sticker. Keep track of your kid's things with custom made name labels. Order as few as 20. Durable and waterproof stickers with your personalization.

Have questions or need help with making your name stickers? Email us 24/7 at info at bottleyourbrand dot com or visit our live chat Monday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time.


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