Party Starters: Custom Mini Liquor Labels


There’s nothing more likely to fire up a party as a few shots of liquor in the belly of your guests. The popularity of mixed drinks to get the party started is nothing new. You see it happening at bachelorette parties and birthday bashes, from Vegas to the ski slopes. Turning mini liquor bottles into personalized party favors is something anyone can accomplish. There are a variety of alcoholic drinks packaged in small 50 ML sizes just like the bottles you see on airplanes. We have two labels sizes that fit most of these bottles as well as templates to customize. The mini liquor label sizes are 3 inches wide by 2 high and 2 inch circles. Reminder: We don’t sell the liquor bottles, only the customizable labels.

We’ve labeled the bottles below using some of the pre-made designs in our label catalog. All you do is type the text that fits your occasion. There’s no need to agonize over the design, the font style or colors when you personalize mini liquor labels we’ve created.

Mini-Liquor-bottles-three-designsLibations-and-CelebrationsMini-liquor-labels-for-a-50th-birthday-partyIf you’re searching for ideas for milestone birthday favors or even wedding party favors then choose these Jack Daniels 50 ML mini bottles. Browse our label selection for 3 wide by 2 high labels which fit perfectly over the existing label.

Jack Daniels Mini Liquor Bottles with a wedding label


The Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey bottles are another popular item for parties. Personalize the label template with the celebrant’s name and event date. For this bottle there’s no need to remove the existing label just place the custom label over the old one. These bottles are easy to purchase, either at your local grocers or specialty stores like Total Wine and More. The cost is $1.99 per bottle which makes it an inexpensive favor even after you add the customized mini liquor labels which start at $0.99 each. Beware! The slogan for this whiskey is “Tastes like heaven; burns like hell.”

MIni-Liquor-labels-for Fireball Bottles

The best party favors are not only personalized but personal to the participants. For instance, these Jack and Coke kits are easy to put together whether you’re in charge of a bachelor party or your annual friends’ trip to Las Vegas. All you need is some Coca Cola, personalized labels, patterned straws, and baker’s twine. The straw can be taped on the side of the Coke bottle with decorative or plain tape. Embellish the mini liquor bottle with your label design and a baker’s twine bow.

Jack-and-Coke-Signature-Drink-LabelsMini liquor labels for Jack and Coke Party favors

Materials to make the Grooms Signature Drink including custom mini liquor labelsMake Mini Liquor Labels for a Party to Go50 ML size liquor bottles also get special attention with customized label designs. Perfect for travel in the limousine or discreet shots poolside, make personalized liquor labels with photos, favorite sayings or even your event logo. The bottle on the left is a custom design, the middle bottle is a photo uploaded by a customer, and the bottle on the right is one of our templates. A great example of the options available to you to make your own mini liquor labels.

50 ML mini liquor bottles with custom labelsPut-a-cocktail-in-their-hand-party-favor-labels

Eat Drink Be Married

Create your own mini liquor label

One of the things I like best about this idea is each guest gets only one. If your friends have a tendency to over imbibe you’ve automatically set the limit of free drinks. The rest is on them! Be sure to remind everyone to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.

If you’re wondering what the cost is for most mini liquor bottles they start anywhere around $1.99 and go upwards. You may be able to negotiate a better price if you plan on buying in bulk. This party favor will end up costing you under $3 each and possibly less if you buy in larger quantities. Our label pricing starts at $0.99 each for ten rectangle 3 wide by 2 high sized labels. The pricing goes down the more you buy.

Be sure to measure the bottle before you choose a label size. If you have questions about making your own label or ordering be sure to get help either on Live Chat on the website or via email at [email protected].






12 responses to “Party Starters: Custom Mini Liquor Labels”

  1. Emily Gates

    Hi! I have seen the bottles already mixed (Jack and Coke) for our wedding but want to do the labels can you do this?

    1. Hi Emily,
      We don’t actually sell the bottles. We sell the custom labels with your personalized text. Thanks for contacting us anyway. If you would like to make custom labels we’re happy to help.

  2. Barbara

    Hi, Im looking for labels for mini hennessy bottles for a 50th Birthday. Can these be made and how long will they take as I would need them for June 13th.

    1. Hi Barbara, You can create any design on our website using our online design tool. Please email us [email protected] for more assistance. Our production time is fast, only two days.

  3. Chree Lancaster

    hello having a party need 75 jack Daniel lables saying 20 years of service Aaron

    1. Hi Chree, Thanks for stopping by our blog. Go to this page to find the templates. You can personalize them online. There are a variety of mini labels on that page and more larger labels on this page

  4. Sumita Minhas

    Good afternoon! I have been desperately looking for mini liquor bottle labels that fits the theme of my husband’s 40th birthday party. It is a scotch and cigar theme with black and gold colors. Do you have anything that works with that or can anything be created? Please help as the party is less than 3 weeks away. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sumita,

      Thank you for visiting our blog. Yes we have some in black and gold. Please visit this page:
      The text is changeable on this template.

  5. madison browder

    Hi, was checking to see how I could order some customized mini bottles of Jack Daniels!

    1. Hi Madison, Our label that has that design is 3 inches wide by 2 inches high. You can find it here:


  6. John

    Hello, I am looking at getting some personalized Jack Daniels labels printed, i need 35 its for a memorial, could you let me know the cost and how do I go about design, thank you.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for reaching out. Check out some of our liquor bottle labels here and you should find something that will work. Thanks.

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