The Ultimate Party Conversation Piece

[singlepic id=47 w=240 h=240 float=center]Whenever you have a diverse group of guests coming together at a party, it can be a little nerve-wracking.  What happens if no one talks to anyone else?  What happens if everyone leaves because no one has any fun?

A fun trick to get everyone mingling is to use a conversation piece that everyone can relate to.  At the birthday party pictured above, the hostess designed custom wine labels featuring the birthday boy at various stages of his life.  The different labels all had clever names for the wine that related to the birthday boy’s interests, and the guests mingled as they read and enjoyed the labels.

You can use this trick at any kind of party.  Childhood photos, witty wordplay, amusing illustrations, all of these work well on custom wine labels and will give your guests common ground to chat about.  Of course, the wine doesn’t hurt either!  Just make sure there’s plenty to eat and drink and then sit back as all your friends relax and enjoy your party.





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