How to Make "Out of Town Bags"

[singlepic id=59 w=240 h=240 float=center]If you’re lucky enough to have family and friends traveling from afar to watch you marry the love of your life, you’re probably thinking about how to treat them right.  Reserving pleasant hotel rooms, arranging brunch for the day after your wedding, and planning ahead for transportation logistics are just a few of the ways you can thank your out of town guests by making their stay as relaxing as possible.

A wonderful way to go the extra mile in making your guests comfortable is the out of town bag or basket (a.k.a. The OOT Bag).  These bags, or baskets, are placed in each out of town guest’s room and supplies them with a few personal touches they may need or want throughout your wedding festivities.  Here are some suggestions to help get you started on creating OOT Bag for your own guests:

  • Pain relievers.  Advil, aspirin, ibuprofen, any of these will be welcomed by any guest that suffers a headache or muscle sprain.  You can buy single serving packets of these from Target or any drug store and you can bet your guests will appreciate them!
  • Shout Wipes.  There’s nothing like an untimely stain to ruin the perfect wedding outfit!  If you throw some single serving Shout Wipes into your OOT Bags, you could potentially save someone’s favorite outfit!
  • Snacks. You can really get creative with this one.  Choose snacks that are special to your area or particular favorites of the bride and groom.  Guests will love this custom touch and yummy food!
  • Welcome letter/schedule.  Take some time to personally thank your guests for taking such a long trip to come see you.  This is a wonderful way to start the festivities out in a custom, grateful way.  Include a schedule of festivities, along with a map, to insure your guests know where to be and when.
  • bachelorette party favors.  Coordinate the label with your wedding colors and theme.  Not only will this help set the tone of your celebration for your guests, it’ll also provide the added benefit of giving them something to drink that isn’t ridiculously expensive hotel bottled water!

You can buy inexpensive baskets from Michael’s and customize them with a ribbon or fabric that matches your wedding decorations, or buy color-coordinated totes from any wedding favor retailer.  With a few minutes of effort, you’ll make a huge impression on your out of town guests and make them feel truly welcomed.

Will you or have you used OOT Bags?  How did you add your own personal flair?





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