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  • Drive-By Baby Shower Favors – Ideas to Thank Your Guests

    Drive-By Baby Shower Favors – Ideas to Thank Your Guests

    Though the coronavirus has inflicted social distancing restrictions that prevent us from gathering in large groups, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate life’s most precious moments – think baby showers – with the same enthusiasm as pre-pandemic. When your friends plan a drive-by shower for you be prepared to thank attendees by giving them a…

  • Blue Flowers Baby Boy Shower Theme + Banner Idea

    Blue Flowers Baby Boy Shower Theme + Banner Idea

    I love babies and baby showers! Choosing the theme, the colors, the favors, and the food make me happy. If you’re like me it seems like there’s never enough time to get things together when hosting a party. So this post is about doable favor ideas that take very little time, but leave a big…

  • Eight Examples of Baby Shower Themes

    Eight Examples of Baby Shower Themes

    Baby Shower Theme Examples What’s the difference between a good baby shower and a great baby shower? The theme! It’s the first element to choose before hosting a successful baby shower. Once you’ve chosen a theme it’s easy to make a plan of action and order the cake, send the invitations, figure out the favors…

  • Pour Some Sugar!

    Pour Some Sugar!

    Now that Fall is upon us, we’ve been brainstorming natural ways to revitalize our skin and keep it baby soft throughout the Winter season to come. Holidays will arrive in no time, and we’re always on the lookout for creative gift ideas as well. Body scrubs are great for exfoliating skin and leaving it with…

  • Peachy Keen Jellybean!

    Easter is almost here and it always makes us think of bunnies, eggs, carrots, chocolate, and jellybeans! Jellybeans are known for being an Easter kind of candy, but they are really great for a celebration any time of year. With Easter and jellybeans on our minds, we started thinking of all the cute and creative…

  • Gender Reveal Baby Shower

    We’ve noticed a lot of gender reveal baby shower themes out there recently and we think its such an adorable way to announce whether you’ll be having a boy or girl. It can be a surprise to everyone including you, or you can surprise just your guests with the news.