Wine label "Welcome Aboard" includes an anchor pattern.

Nautical Favor Inspiration: Delightful Party Details

Wine label "Welcome Aboard" includes an anchor pattern.

This inspiration post is all about nautical theme labels on party beverages and party accessories. And no one does nautical like a city on the Puget Sound in the Pacific NW. Prepare to be inspired!

Choosing favors for your party can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices and also cost to keep in mind, not to mention choosing favors that fit your style. But, while that can all seem like a lot, never fear! If you’ve chosen a nautical theme for your celebration, we have ideas for you that will banish all your worries. Dear readers, allow us to inspire you with ideas using nautical labels and stickers.

IDEA: Use the same 3.5 inch wide x 4 inch high wine label on both wine bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles. It fits on all three! Save yourself time with this tip. (See photo above).

IDEA: Thread colorful ribbon through white Lifesavers candy and tie around the bottle neck to decorate both beer and soda bottles.

Nautical Labels and Stickers

Anchor wine label and favor sticker.

We found this sea glass colored wine bottle at our local Tuesday Morning for under $8. Our customer Kim created this artwork in our online design studio by uploading a chevron pattern, an anchor, then including her own text. The 2 inch circle sticker fits perfectly on the sea glass colored mini lantern found at Ben Franklin Crafts.

IDEA: Decorate a sea-glass colored wine bottle for serving ice water or sparkling water. Wrap the bottle neck with raffia and twine. Thread seashells with fishing line and hang from the neck. Fill with the beverage of your choice. We chose ice water. Set one on each table.

IDEA:  Mini lanterns with LED tea lights for table decorations. We filled the lantern partially with sand and topped with an LED votive candle. Add scattered seashells to the table decor and you’re instantly at the seashore!

Nautical Theme Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels with a nautical theme.

IDEA: Customize a colorful nautical water bottle label for small bottles of water. Water is healthier than sugary soda. If your child’s birthday party theme is a nautical one you’ll want to customize our “Ahoy” water bottle label (above).  Featured on this bottle is a bright red crab, a whimsical lighthouse, a seagull, gold fish and boat. This template is easy to customize and with two label sizes you can pick the size that fits bottles you purchase from the grocer’s.

Beer Labels with Nautical Designs

Mini shot glass beer mug and nautical label with anchors.

For the next bachelorette party you throw consider using custom labels on your beverages. This customer submitted label is one of our favorites.

IDEA: Mini mugs for flower vases. Sailors and ale go together! This mini shot glass in the shape of a beer mug is perfect to fill with tiny blossoms making it a great addition to a nautical  place setting. We found these online at

Shot glass beer mugs for vases.

Party Favor Stickers with Anchors and Other Nautical Symbols

For an adult birthday party with a nautical theme use our “Nautical” wine label template. Use the matching circle sticker for favor bags. We also offer this design in a bottle hang tag.

Nautical circle sticker and nautical beer label

IDEA: Use initials in serif font styles to make masculine looking party favors. If you’re wondering what to do for your favorite guy’s party consider using this tip. Include a caption and date to finish the look. We found these bold-striped party favor bags at the local craft store, but they are available online as well.

Nautical water bottle labels for party favors.

Another customer design (see above), but this time for a wedding. This water bottle label uses an ampersand made from rope looking font between the bride’s and groom’s initials.

Use Nautical Style Fonts

IDEA: Use a nautical style font. We have many fonts with nautical names like Lobster, Sail, Seaweed Script, and Trade Winds. So if you’re making your label in our online studio make sure to look at the different font styles we offer to complete your nautical themed look.

Every nautical theme sticker is self adhesive.

Don’t forget that all of our labels and stickers are self-adhesive. They have what is called a “crack and peel” backing. Find the seam on the back, as in the label above, and peel off the paper. The entire label has a sticky back that will stick to most anything including plastic, paper and glass.  Featured above is our wine label “Anchors Away”.

For more inspiration be sure to browse our pre-made templates. Many of the templates are easy to customize with your color and message. If you need help please contact us at [email protected]. We answer all emails within 24 hours!





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  1. Eric Heng

    Love all the party details and label design… it seems that it works great, and the labels stay on even if the bottle sweats. They come off very easily under hot water.

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