Tips For Using Multiple Label Designs in Your Wedding Decor

Using multiple designs in your wedding reception decor is a great idea!  Not only does it eliminate the need to pick just one awesome design, it gives your guests a variety of labels to look at.

The picture above features the custom wine labels of a couple whose brother and sister-in-law went with two different designs for the wine they’d made for their wedding.  The designs were in complimentary colors (black and white), but each label celebrates something different.  The bold monogram of one (the design is called “Shells Wine Label/a>”, if you’re curious) proclaims the couple’s new last initial, and the photo on the other (“Sea of Sage”) shows off one of their cute engagement pictures.

To make this look work for you, find as many designs that you like and then share different information on each.  Here are some ideas for bits of info to share on custom wedding labels:

  • Your engagement story.  This makes a great label for the back of the wine bottle, and will give guests something fun to read while they’re at the table.
  • Trivia about the couple.  Put a different fact on each label design, and choose five or six different designs.  Guests will have fun tracking down all the different facts.
  • Engagement pictures.  If you have more than one favorite engagement picture, share them on your custom labels.

No one ever said you couldn’t pick more than one design.  Spice things up with multiple designs!  Your decor will be varied and fun to look at as a result, and you’ll have a blast designing all the different designs!


2 responses to “Tips For Using Multiple Label Designs in Your Wedding Decor”

  1. Actually, it wasn’t the couple who chose these designs. It was a guest (a brother and sister-in-law) that chose to make the wine labels for the wine that had made and give it as a gift to the couple as a wedding present.

  2. -Lynn, Thanks for letting us know! We’ve changed the post to reflect this!

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