Master The Art Of Personalized Homemade Food Gifts

Just because you’re giving homemade gifts for the holidays doesn’t mean they have to look like it. With the right presentation your food gifts will look like they came straight from a gourmet food shop.

The first step to ensure your gift looks professional is to choose the right packaging.  What shows off your gift in the best manner?  Is it a clear glass bottle, a decorative tin, a bag or box? Second, measure the area where the label adheres to the packaging to determine the best label size for the container. Third, make your own label with colors, graphics and font styles that portray your homemade food gift in the best manner. And last, but still important, choose a quality label. The material we use for our stickers is waterproof and we print with a commercial press so there’s no mistaking your labels for home-printed, Avery paper labels. Most of us make a dozen or so food gifts from our home kitchen so you’ll appreciate our low minimum order quantities; as little as 6 to 12  labels depending on the product. Our quick turnaround time, two business days, is also a bonus during the holiday season.

Limoncello Gifts

Labels for Limoncello bottles.

This Limoncello label is two inches in diameter. The bottle with cork was purchased from Michaels craft store and holds 3.1 ounces.

To make the above Limoncello labels search on our site for the circle label “Homemade Limoncello” and personalize the text. To customize this template further than the display example go below the text fields on the product landing page to the Customize More button. This will allow you to change font style, color, and size. It’s easy and addictive! We see customers who make many variations of their design before they select the one they like best. You can do that too by creating an account. Save your designs and when you want to decide on the final artwork log in and go to My Saved Designs within your account. You’ll see your designs there waiting for you.

Homemade Vanilla Gifts

Here’s an example below of a personalized homemade vanilla label. It looks like it came from the local food specialty shop for the simple reason the packaging fits the product and the label looks professional. If you’re making homemade vanilla or any other syrup you’ll find a variety of circle sticker designs on this page. Alternatively you can upload our own design starting here.


The label on this bottle is a 2.5 inch circle sticker customized from one our templates. The bottle with cork was purchased at Michaels craft store for under $2.

Jam & Jelly Gifts

If you’re into canning or making jams and jellies as gifts for Christmas, part of the fun is preparing the jars for gifting. We like this simple gift presentation idea; a custom canning label plus some Washi tape create a gift that anyone would be proud to give. Washi tape is a very pretty decorative masking tape. It’s used in a variety of craft projects, but we like it for decorating the rims of Ball® lids and the necks of bottles, like wine, beer or soda.


These jars are  Ball® 4 ounce jelly jars. They’re sold in quantities of 12 and for your reference Wal-Mart sells them for $15.55. The circle stickers are two inches in diameter. The sticker is called “Celebrate the Season.” This design is also offered as a neck collar label, beer and wine label.

Cookie Mix Gifts

For a fabulous presentation of your cookie jar mix add a custom sticker of your own design. These cookie recipe mixes are a fun gift for kids and bakers alike. TIP: For larger Ball® jars like the ones pictured below use a 2.5 inch sticker. The smaller jars like the jam jars above, use a two inch sticker.


The cookie mix jars are Ball® 32oz Regular Mouth Mason Jars. These jars are sold in flats of 12 and you’ll find they run about $12.99. I’ve included a recipe below in case you’d like to make these fun gifts this season.


Homemade Wine Gifts

You spent months researching and hours working on your latest homemade wine. Why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes time to labeling it for gifts? Your pride in the finished product will be evident when you present bottles with labels like the ones below. Your friends will be secretly jealous when they see the finished product. Even small batches of wine warrant good looking wine labels. One of the best things about ordering from us is you can order as little as six wine labels.

Homemade-wine-looks-expensive-with- wine labels-made-by-you-on-BYB

These bottles are 750ML burgundy wine bottles labeled with our standard wine label, size 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high, and our neck label from the template Joyful Christmas.

Homemade Beer Gifts

The home brewers we’ve come to know and love are a creative bunch. They like to make their own beer label artwork, like this label and neck collar order below. Looks like it came from your favorite micro brewery doesn’t it? Well guess what? This is a design created by a home brewer. If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, then surf over to our beer label templates and simply modify one our designs. It’s as easy as typing in your own words.

Custom beer labels for homemade beer

Other Homemade Gift Ideas

Homemade gifts are not limited to the ones in this post. Our customers make labels and stickers for Coquito, Kahlua, Absinthe, Whisky, Cordials, Syrups, Bath Soaps, Hot Sauce and more. Should you need help figuring out the label to fit your packaging you can always live chat with us weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm Pacific time on








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