Water bottle label for a Realtor

How to Market Your Real Estate Services with Custom Water Bottle Labels

Are you a real estate agent? If so, it’s important to market your services in more than one way. Even more important is standing out above the crowd. One of the tactics successful real estate agents in-the-know use is personalized real estate water bottle labels. With branding comes establishment of your authority. Anything personalized indicates your attention to detail and branding yourself is a simple way to show you are on top of your game.

Water Bottle Labels for Real Estate Agents

Why Custom Water Bottle Labels?

Not only will you provide home buyers with refreshing water, you’ll be giving them your contact information in a portable format. While business cards are great, they can often get lost in a pocket or purse so a bottle gives you more of a presence. It’s a great promotional idea since clients have your email and phone number right in front of them after they leave you. They’ll take it with them and will remember you for the thoughtful hospitality the water signifies.

Real Estate Water Bottle Labels

How to Use Your Real Estate Water Bottle Labels

  • Open Houses – Have bottled water with your information available to prospective homebuyers visiting the property.
  • Showing Properties – Keep bottled water with your labels in a cooler in your car. When you’re showing your clients homes offer them a bottle.
  • Real Estate Office Amenity – When home buyers visit your office it’s important to make them feel welcome. Along with the standard coffee or soda pop, offering custom bottled water is sure to grab the buyer’s attention.
  • Brokers’ Open House – When real estate agents preview your listing one of the things they expect is a spread of delicious munchies. Offer your personalized bottled water alongside the goodies.

Real Estate Water Bottle Labels

What to Include on Your Water Bottle Labels

  • Contact information – Most important is your name, email, website and phone numbers, both cell and office.
  • Professional Photo – Make sure the photo you choose is high resolution, 300 dpi. A professional photo works best.
  • Company Logo – The logo you use needs to be one that is not from a web page. It should be straight from the graphics file your company keeps on hand in the office. The reason grabbing a web page logo doesn’t work is because web pages are only 72 dpi and that makes for a blurry image. Don’t copy and paste, get the real deal.
  • Hot Listings – Some real estate agents order personalized water bottle labels with information about their current hot property. The bottle includes photos, address and attributes of the property. These bottles are given out at open houses and to prospective buyers. For your million dollar-plus properties this is a great idea.

Water Bottle Label for a Realtor

Why Our Water Bottle Labels?

  • Waterproof – The material we use is perfect for professional use. It’s not paper, it’s a heavy synthetic, matte material. It’s waterproof and colorfast. Put the bottles in a refrigerator or on ice and the labels will stick.
  • Professional – When you order just the labels (we also do custom bottled water) you can be sure you’re not getting homemade Etsy-mom-or-pop-shop labels printed on a home printer. Our labels are printed on an Hp Indigo commercial press. This is a multimillion dollar machine, not a laser printer. The ink is electromagnetically set into the material.
  • Self-Adhesive –  The adhesive is a semi permanent adhesive. This means the labels stick even when washed in a dishwasher. Semi permanent also means you can remove and fix them if you apply the label crooked, but will stick under normal use.
  • Crisp and Vibrant Printing – The water bottle labels are printed at 300 dpi. This ensures a sharp result. The colors are Hp Indigo ink, an industry leader in printing.

Water bottle label for a Realtor

How to Order Real Estate Water Bottle Labels

Our website is set up for customers to upload their own graphics and create their own label using our online design tool. Your artwork should be at least 300 pixels per inch resolution to print clearly.


  1. Edit a Real Estate Label Template – Select a label you like from our water bottle labels. Click on it and then choose a size and quantity. Click Customize It to go past the text fields into the online designer and make a truly custom label. In the design studio upload your photo and edit the text.
  2.  Make Your Own from Scratch – With this option you can upload a completed artwork file or you can make your own using the design studio. Start at MAKE YOUR OWN on the website header and from the drop down choose Custom Water Bottle Labels. On the next page is where you select your size and quantity. You’ll see pricing here based on the amount you choose. Next click the Customize It! button. You are now presented with a blank label canvas. Review the tools for your design options to the left of the canvas. The ADD IMAGE tool will browse your files for your file, artwork or logo. Type in text and adjust the font style, color and size. Resize, move and adjust using the tools.

If you have questions about making your own water bottle label for real estate marketing send us an email at [email protected] or live chat with us weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm Pacific time. We’ve worked with hundreds of real estate agents over the years with great results.






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  1. Hi,
    What is the cost and the time frame to order them?

    1. Hello, water bottle labels start at $0.99 each and the prices go down the more you order. At 100 qty they are $0.79 each. For more pricing please click on this page, choose a size, and a quantity to see the pricing drop down menu.

      1. They take two business days to make and then allow for shipping time based on your shipping choice.

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