Make this trick or treat bag with Witchy legs filled with jelly beans

How to Make This Witchy Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween is scary close! Are you in a panic for a brilliant Halloween idea? Our Witchy Halloween treat bag is perfect for party goodies or trick-or-treating. It’s absolutely spook-tacular!  A big thanks to our friends at Packaging Specialties in Redmond, Washington for sharing this idea.

Make this very witchy Halloween treat bag

Your kids will have the cutest trick-or-treat bags anywhere when you send them off with this in hand. We added a custom circle sticker with a Happy Halloween message.


Download and print this FREE PDF template to make the witch’s shoes, skirt and pantaloons.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Templates for Witchy Halloween Treat Bags


Supply list for Halloween treat bag


  • Start by assembling the materials.
  • Download and print out the template. Cut out the shoes, skirt and pantaloons.
  • To fill the acrylic treat bags that make the witch’s legs it’s best to use a straw to open the end of the bag and push the jelly beans inward. If the bag happens to split use tape to mend it.

Use a straw to push the jelly beans into the treat bag

  • Gather the skirt at the top and press pleats into the paper. Hold the pleats in place by using double-sided tape on the back side of the skirt top.

Fold the paper to make pleats in the witches skirt

  • Cut a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of tulle for the length of the skirt hem and tape it to the backside of the bottom of the skirt leaving an inch showing below the skirt line.
  • Tape the skirt to the top of the bag with another strip of double-sided tape. You can also use a hot glue gun to hold in place more securely.
  • Measure the top of the skirt waist and cut a length of black ribbon to fit. Tape it or glue it to the waistband to cover the top of the pleats.
  • Using the double-sided tape, press the shoes onto the legs where the self-sealing seam is located. This allows the bag to be opened at the bottom for easy access to eat the jelly beans!

tape the witch shoes to the bottom of the acrylic legs with double sided tape

  • Tape each leg under the skirt. Make sure the feet are turned out and the legs are adjusted to make them different lengths.
  • Next, tape the pantaloons under the skirt over the top of the legs. This is a close up of how the tulle and pantaloons look.

The witches skirt hem

  • Using a length of black tulle tie a bow on one of the handles.

To finish off the bag order one of these custom circle stickers with a Halloween message. If you’re giving a gift at Halloween this bag also makes an amazing handmade gift bag. Have fun making this craft project and when the kids bring it home filled to the brim, don’t let them know you’re sneaking the best candy when they’re asleep.

For any questions or assistance making this DIY Halloween project feel free to email us at [email protected]



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