An example of a 4 x 6 custom sticker made by the customer for their medical device.

Make a Technical Sticker or Safety Label Like a Pro

Labeling doesn’t always involve bottles, parties or fun times. There are circumstances when a business needs labels or stickers for safety or technical applications. While making wine and beer labels is cool, labels for safety warnings, technical specs, chemicals or product details are a necessary part of doing business for many companies. Standard warning labels may be available pre-made, but what if you need to follow definite OSHA guidelines or meet ISO standards? You can’t always find the exact ready-made label or sticker online. Whatever your needs might be there’s a way to make it happen using our label design tool.

The material we use for our stickers and labels is perfect for technical applications. It’s a synthetic paper with robust properties. The durability, lifespan and flexibility are first rate. For you and your company this means the label will last. It’s porous, which allows for maximum ink penetration, yet it’s lightweight and flexible. It has waterproof and chemical resistant properties as well and it can also endure harsh temperature extremes. It’s pliable in temperatures from -94°F to 356°F. Unlike other materials it doesn’t become brittle, but maintains its strength and adhesive bond.

Three Ways to Make Your Own Technical Sticker

1.  Edit an Existing Sticker

The first way to make your own sticker is to edit one of the existing designs displayed on our sticker page. This caution sticker for example has text fields below the warning icon that allows you to put your exact warning.

Customizable Caution Sticker

2.  Upload an Artwork File

The second way to make a sticker is to upload your own artwork file that was created in a graphics program. Start at Make Your Own and from the drop down choose Custom Stickers, then choose a shape: circle, square, rectangle, oval. Once you’re on the shape page there’s a drop down menu to choose size: 2 x 3, 2 x 4, 3 x 2, 3 x 4, 4 x 2 , 4 x 3, 4 x 6 and 6 x 4. Next, click Customize It and the design studio opens. On the left side of the canvas locate the link IMAGE. When you click the link look above the canvas. UPLOAD NEW IMAGE appears. Click on this and a window will pop up that allows you to browse your files. Find your sticker file, click open and drag and drop your file to the canvas. Your file should be a JPG or PNG format to load properly.

One of our long time customers Lucerno Dynamics uses Bottle Your Brand stickers for their new medical device. Says Josh Knowland, “We are an early-stage medical device company developing technology to improve cancer care. We are in the development phase and are testing early products in pre-clinical and clinical trials in the US.”

Below are images of the technical stickers Josh made using the online design studio.

Medical device stickers
An example of a 4 x 6 custom sticker made by the customer for their medical device.

Josh continued, “For these prototype devices, Bottle Your Brand labels were a great fit for the following reasons:

1) Ease of service – The website is terrific and makes designing your own label a breeze. We design our labels in the open-source design software Inkscape, then export a high-resolution PNG that can be loaded directly into the website’s layout app. Turn-around time is quick and shipping is fast and affordable.

2) Quality – We shopped around and found that Bottle Your Brand provides terrific labels. As far as custom, low-quantity labels go, we needed fairly large ones (6×4). Additionally, we needed labels that could be cleaned. Bottle Your Brand specializes in water-proof labels, and through our own testing, we’ve determined that the stock, adhesive, and printing are resistant to isopropyl alcohol wipes as well.

3) Cost – The ability to have a custom label printed for $0.99 in small quantities is a huge boon for our project. We don’t want to invest in a large roll of labels at this time, so small orders are perfect.
Our initial product consists of a hand-held electronic device enclosed in a plastic case. A number of sensors plug into this device to record patient data. The hand-held device and each sensor must have a label that can perform well in a hospital environment.”

Lucerno Dynamic’s story is just one of many from customers who find our stickers perfect for their application.

3.  Make Your Own Sticker From Scratch

The third way is to use the design studio to make your own sticker from scratch. Once again follow the steps to select the sticker quantity and shape and click Customize It. Once you get to the blank canvas simply use the tools to make your own warning, safety or technical sticker design. There are tools for adding text, images, clipart, QR codes, lines, and shapes. You have the capability to select your own colors for text, shapes, and background.

Below is another example of a business sticker made by a customer. They needed a very specific technical sticker, but they didn’t need hundreds of them, they only needed ten. Using the design studio, they created a 4 inch by 6 inch sticker online. Notice how white rectangles were added to this sticker where they needed them.

Make Your Own Technical Sticker from Scratch

Make Other Business Labels:

Safety Labels

Different standards have been set for safety labels by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). ISO is the world’s largest developer of International Standards. To make sure your sticker is compliant to the national or international standards for your situation please refer to their site.


Hazardous Chemical Stickers

OSHA has label guidelines for hazardous chemicals. These are posted online here.

Product Safety Stickers

Only you and your technical staff know exactly what needs to be displayed on your sticker. If you need help with creating it please let us know.

Disabled Stickers

You’ll find a handicap sticker design available on our site. However, you can create a disabled sticker in the size that meets your requirement by choosing from the ‘size’ drop down menu.

Disabled sticker

Labels for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics

The FDA provides a PDF with guidelines for the labeling of medical devices that protects the public health. These requirements are to assure products are used safely and effectively and product claims are not misleading. There are two government acts with compliance guidelines you might need to check if they apply to the product label you’re creating. These are the FD&C Act (The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), the FPLA (The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act).

Stickers for Medical Devices

The RCHSA (The Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act) in part refers to medical devices intended for sale to consumers from retail outlets. It was established to make sure these devices are labeled correctly and doesn’t mislead with false claims. The guidelines are also to make the customer aware of any dangers to their health. If your product falls within this category please be sure to refer to the website under Device Regulations or by one of the acts named above.

No Extra Charge for Colors!

Everything you add to your sticker is editable for placement, size and color. This includes the words, shapes, logos or photos you choose to include. The background color is changeable by using the Palette Icon in the BACKGROUND OPTIONS tool. The text color is changeable by using the TEXT OPTIONS tool when the text is selected. There’s no fee for color like on many other label sites. You’re the designer and you choose the color you need.

Save Your Sticker Designs For Free

If the boss gets the final word on how your sticker looks. Create an account and save different versions in your account under MY SAVED IMAGES. When you need his/her approval simply open your account and click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged version. Any changes required are easily made by selecting “EDIT” under a saved design.

Short Run Printing for Stickers

When your need is for a few stickers, not hundreds or thousands, we’ve got the solution. For prototypes or test runs we’ve got the solution. We sell short run stickers in quantities of ten or more.

Need Help?

If you’re not sure how to use the design studio or have a file that you want to have checked out before you upload it, email us at [email protected]. We’ll assist you with questions about making our own technical sticker for your business.





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