Label Love, Red and White Wine Bottle Labels

Label Love: Red and White Wine

When we came across this wine label recently, we couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Simple and to the point, but eye-catching at the same time, its a great way to label your wine if you don’t have a clever name. Pick the right type and font size, and you’ve got a well-designed label that’s ready to go…

Label Love, Red and White Wine Bottle LabelsSource: Koi Koi Koi



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3 responses to “Label Love: Red and White Wine”

  1. so simple, and i really like it… i wonder though, if I saw the bottles on their own, if I would realize that ‘White’ was the type of wine and not a brand name!

  2. Emily, that’s a good point. It says ‘bottle of RED’ ‘bottle of WHITE’ on the side, but it might be tough to see from afar… and now i have scenes from an Italian restaurant stuck in my head : )

  3. Simple but elegant. I really like this! Very cool.

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