Inspirational Ideas: Wine Tasting Labels

When it comes to projects and fun ideas that involve custom labels, the options are nearly endless. And yet, we are still continually amazed when we stumble across new ideas that we haven’t thought of or seen before. This  is one of our favorites – and it comes to you straight from the incomparable Martha Stewart – naturally. Check it out!

custom wine tasting labels

If you are trying to settle on wine to serve at your wedding, why not make a night out of it and have some fun? Host a wine tasting party, add some custom labels to the mix, and voila! A great pre-wedding day activity!

Invite some friends and family over for a wine tasting before the wedding, and provide them with the selection of wines that you are trying to choose from. Then, cover or replace the wine labels with custom ones, showing only a number to identify which wine is which, and have guests leave their comments and choices on each wine on the rest of the label. Hopefully their comments and votes will make choosing the wine for your wedding a little easier and a lot more fun.


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