Top 5 Baby Shower Trends of 2009

[singlepic id=25 w=240 h=160 float=center]Some people have the pleasure of attending hundreds of baby showers.  These people have seen every decoration, eaten every kind of hors d’oeuvres, and played every silly game ever conceived for a baby shower.  The result of all this experience is that, when asked to throw a baby shower for a loved one, they can use all this experience to throw a really great party.

For those who have never attended a baby shower, wouldn’t know a shower game from a board game, and feel an oddly perplexed sensation when faced with the term “diaper cake”, the idea of throwing a baby shower can seem bewildering.  After all, you’re being asked to help a friend/family member celebrate a new baby while entertaining a group of perhaps strangers, while also trying to help the new mom get equipped with everything she’ll need for her newest addition.  It’s a big job!

As with everything, there are trends and themes for baby showers that it may be helpful for anyone to know.  Here are some of the hottest baby shower trends to help and inspire everyone, from the baby shower newbie to the veteran:

  1. Co-ed baby showers. Inviting men to help celebrate a new baby is very popular right now.  It may seem counterintuitive to have a bunch of guys helping to ogle the onesies, but if structure it right the father-to-be can have a lot of fun too.  A co-ed shower is not as structured, should have plenty of food, and will optimally have an equal number of men and women.  This article is very helpful in figuring out the mechanics of a co-ed baby shower.
  2. Trivia shower games. These are being played in more and more baby showers.  In our information-saturated culture, people are more knowledgeable about more things than ever before, so this is a natural way to get everyone involved.  Some of the fun new trivia games that have been circulating are the “Old Wives Tale” and “Animal Pregnancies” trivia games.  Be sure to keep some small prizes on hand for the winners.
  3. Personalized baby shower favors. Selecting a thoughtful favor for everyone who attends the shower is very important.  You want to thank everyone who took the time and money to help shower your loved one with gifts and well wishes, and the best way to do this is with a thoughtful baby shower favor.  Personalized bottled water is a unique way to provide refreshment and give guests a custom memento of your fun event.  A small bottle of water with the baby’s name, and the names of the parents-to-be, is a fun keepsake for everyone.
  4. Stylish baby shower invitations. One of the hottest places to find heart-breakingly cute shower invitations is Tiny Prints.  They have a huge selection of styles and designs, their prices are excellent, and their turnaround time is fast.  A great way to get your party started right is to have an invitation that’s as special as the mom-to-be!
  5. Diaper cakes. Sounds bizarre, but diaper cakes are all the rage as show-stopping centerpieces for baby showers.  50-100 diapers are rolled up, arranged into a cake, and then festooned with toys, bibs, and baby paraphernalia.  The mom-to-be can use the whole cake when her little one arrives, and it’s a beautiful conversation piece for your shower.  You can order these custom over the Internet or create them yourself.

Have you seen any great baby shower trends lately? Please share, we love new ideas!





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