How to Make a Meme Wine Label

What is a Meme?

Unless you’ve been unplugged from the internet you know that a meme is a photo with a witty phrase in bold text about people or events in popular culture. Memes became a cultural force with the rise of social media. A meme can also be an animated GIF. Memes cover a variety of topics including politics, celebrities, animals, pop culture, movies, events, sports, food, bad habits, and well, you get the picture, just about anything is meme worthy if it strikes a chord. A wine label meme is sure to make almost anyone laugh.

Example of a winememe - Starting my fruit juice diet...bottoms up.

What Makes a Good Meme?

In an effective meme, the photo and the message complement or juxtapose each other. The essence is in its simplicity and absurdity. Memes are usually satires or representations of things that may never happen in your life, but are funny anyway because they are so improbable. For instance who drinks wine from a gallon-sized wine glass? And how likely are you to call a new diet a fruit juice diet and only drink wine? Not likely, but it’s hilarious to consider isn’t it?

Why Make a Wine Meme?

Memes on wine bottle labels make great gifts for a variety of occasions; retirement, new baby, friendship, engagements, congratulations, parenting, new career, and so on. For gag gifts they can’t be beat. The secret of a great gift is to make the recipient feel special so imagine the look on the face of someone receiving a bottle like the one in the image below!

Give a bottle of wine with a meme label on it for a gag gift. Wine memes are easy to create.

How to Make a Birthday Wine Label Meme

In this post we’ll focus on showing you how to make a birthday meme on a wine label. Since we sell wine labels in quantities as low as one, this is perfect for birthdays.  All of our labels are self adhesive so all you have to do is buy a great bottle of wine and put the new label over the old one, or soak the old label off and add the new one.

Make a wine label with a birthday meme like this funny meme; Let's drin until neither of us remembers how old we are.

Start by finding a photo and deciding on the text. To get ideas for your memes use a meme generator like this one or refer to our list of birthday wine memes below. Once you’ve saved your photo and know what you want to say, you have two options to make your label. One, start with our meme template and edit it (the easiest option) or two, follow the steps below for making the meme from scratch:

  1. Put the mouse over Make Your Own>Custom Wine labels. Click ‘Customize It’ to enter the online designer. This gives you a blank wine label canvas.
  2. Put your mouse over the ADD IMAGE link and click on it. Browse your files to find the photo you chose. Select the photo and click OPEN. Make sure the photo extends beyond the red dashes, which are crop lines.
  3. Put your mouse over ADD TEXT. A text box will pop up. Hit the caps lock to use all caps. You’re not yelling, that’s just the style of memes. Type your meme words in the box. Put your mouse over the Font Family and within Sans Serif fonts select ANTON font style.
  4. Select the text and put your mouse over the Color box which is default black. A color palette pops up. Select WHITE and hit OK. While the text is still selected put your mouse over the FONT SIZE box and use the up or down arrow to make the meme words bigger or smaller.
  5. Once you have the FONT SIZE adjusted you’ll want to add the outline to your words. Select the text and put your mouse over STROKE. A color palette will pop up. Select Black and hit OK. While the text is still selected put your mouse over BORDER and use the up arrow to adjust the border thickness anywhere from .5 to 1.
  6. To adjust the placement of your text put your mouse over the Element Alignment tool. You can also select the text, hold down your mouse and grab the text to move it where it looks good.

Congratulations! Your wine label meme is done!

More Birthday Wine Label Memes…

Birthday meme wine label with a vintage photo of women drinking straight from a wine bottle.

A wine meme with a huge glass of wine that says: Don't worry about your will make it better.

20 Birthday Meme Ideas:

  1. Remember … age gets better with wine.
  2. Do you know what rhymes with Happy Birthday? WINE
  3. Only drink on two occasions. When it’s your birthday and when it’s not.
  4. You’re not getting older, you’re aging like a fine wine.
  5. Happy Birthday! Keep it classy…no wine from a box this year.
  6. Happy Birthday! Have lots of cake, and by cake I mean wine.
  7. Don’t worry about your age, wine will make it better.
  8. Happy Birthday to my partner in wine.
  9. Happy Birthday! After a few glasses of wine you become a genius. You must be Albert Wine-stein.
  10. Age and glasses of wine should never be counted…Happy Birthday.
  11. Why limit happy to an hour? Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Cake and Wine Day!
  13. Save some wine on your birthday…it’s trapped in this bottle.
  14. For your birthday I got you a fruit salad, with mostly grapes. All grapes. Fermented grapes.
  15. On your birthday be “outdoorsy” drink this wine on the porch.
  16. Let’s drink until neither of us remembers how old we are.
  17. You’re old enough that if you were a bottle of wine I couldn’t afford you. Happy Birthday!
  18. People who say you’re hard to shop for…clearly don’t know where to buy wine.
  19. WINE…because birthdays.
  20. Your birthstone is a wine cork.

And some more wine memes for birthdays…

Funny wine label meme for a birthday bottle of wine that says: Hey's your birthday, I'll keep your wine glass full.

Make a birthday wine label with the meme; Happy Birthday! Have lots of cake...and by cake I mean wine.

Wine label meme for celebrating a birthday that says: For your birthday I got you a fruit salad..with mostly grapes. All grapes. Fermented grapes.

Meme labels don’t have to be for wine only. Make a beer meme label following the same steps. We’d love to have you share your wine meme with us. We’ll post photos of your bottles on our social media.

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