Coordinate your anniversary party favors with one stop shopping at Bottle Your Brand.

Coordinate Your DIY Party Favors Like a Party Planner – Here’s How

Between Pinterest and Martha Stewart it can be tough not to feel inadequate when party planning. If your palms sweat and your heart races at the thought of hosting an event, then have no fear, this post is full of  ideas to help. Many of us live busy lives, and with work, family and everything else thrown at us daily, there’s little time left to fuss with creating elaborate party favors. Relax! We make it easy for you with one-stop shopping for your custom party favors. Whether you’re planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, bachelorette party, birthday or other event, BYB has it all.

Coordinating Custom Party Favors

Here’s how one customer made favors for a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party. In the photo below, the orange take-out box on the left (with the large red bow) has a hang tag tied to the handle. The mini wine bottle from Gallo,  in the center of the photo, was decorated with a 3 inch by 3 inch mini wine label. On the right is a matching orange goodie bag with a 4 inch x 4 inch square sticker. You can do this easily.  This customer used our template called Vegas. Create your party favor stickers and tags online, start from scratch or choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates. Either way, the results will have you wanting to plan your next event right away!

Las Vegas bachelorette party favors.

Start by deciding what favors you’d like to make. For impact choose at least three items, but two will work well.

Select From this List to Make Personalized Favors for Your Party:

  1. Bottle Hang Tags
  2. Wine Labels
  3. Mini-Wine Labels
  4. Beer Labels
  5. Drink Coasters
  6. Water Bottle Labels
  7. Custom Stickers
  8. Custom Bottled Water
  9. Gift Tag Stickers

All of these items are available on Bottle Your Brand and are fully customizable.

Party Favor Ideas

Here are a Few Ideas to Use the Above Personalized Products for Your Next Event:

  • Bottle Hang Tags are great for decorating wine bottles, beer bottles, soda bottles, party goodie bags and more
  •  Wine Labels stick on any bottle of wine you choose for your party. Set a bottle with a custom wine label on every table for part of your centerpiece or dress up the serving bar with customized wine bottles.
  • Mini-wine labels on 187 ML bottles of sparkling wine look amazing. Set one at each place setting or put one in every goodie bag.
  • Beer Labels made with your custom design placed in a tub of ice make a great birthday party favor.
  • Drink coasters coordinated with personalized bottles of wine or beer do double duty as party decor and party favors. Give them away to your guests at the end of the night to remember the event.

The next idea is from an order placed for a Bar Mitzvah. In the photo you can see three favors, but only two products were personalized to make them, a water bottle label and a hang tag. The water bottle labels fit a Dasani 12 oz. bottle and a Jones Soda bottle. The water bottle label is the 8 inch x 2.125 inch size. Custom hang tags have many uses, but for a Bar Mitzvah they work great tied to the handle of treat bags.

Bar Mitzvah party favors with a custom design.Make your own custom stickers and hang tags online with our design studio.

More Favor Ideas

Here are a few more ideas to make it look like you hired a party planner:

  • Use personalized water bottle labels on bottles of water as well as soda bottles, Gatorade and other carbonated drink bottles.
  • Custom stickers decorate gift bags, take out boxes, party favors, food treats and more.
  • Custom bottled water keeps your guests refreshed and hydrated for weddings or any event where there’s drinking and dancing.
  • Gift tag stickers on all your give-aways complete the look of a coordinated event. Whether you use them on candy bags, baked good boxes, treat bags or guest favors.

The photo montage below is the result of a customer’s order for anniversary party favors. See how great drink coasters, wine bottle hang tags, and wine labels look when they’re coordinating? Even more special is the greeting this customer added in Spanish. I’d translate, but I don’t speak Spanish!

Personalized party favors like these are easy to make online.Coordinate your anniversary party favors with one stop shopping at Bottle Your Brand.

Helpful Tip

The only skill you might need to pull off these amazing looks is bow-tying. Here at BYB a few of us took a class called Bows, Bows, Bows at Packaging Specialties.  The class was one time for 90 minutes and the cost was $25. Rachelle is our resident bow expert as you can tell from the photos. There are also videos on YouTube that teach bow tying skills free to anyone who wants to learn.

Don’t be intimidated when your next important party rolls around. Simply surf over to BottleYourBrand and design coordinating party favors. It’s easy and fun. Should you need help simply hit us up on Live Chat or email us at [email protected]. We’re here to help.





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