Elegant Homemade Wine Labels

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Making your own wine at home is a blast.  Choosing the ingredients, adding your own special touches, and tasting the literal fruits of your labor all make for a wonderful, economical hobby.

Part of the fun of making your own wine is the finished product.  Homemade wine is wonderful to have around.  Not only is it delicious to enjoy, it makes for a fabulous gift!  You can give homemade wine for a variety of celebrations.

If someone you know is getting married, you can bring a bottle of your homemade wine as a gift!  You can design a custom wine label with a wedding toast to the happy couple, tie a bow around the neck of the bottle, and then watch as they delight in your thoughtful gift.

For birthday celebrations, homemade wine can be so much fun.  One of our favorite birthday wine gift ideas is putting a picture of the birthday girl or boy on the wine label.  You can use a recent picture of him or her, or a childhood picture.  We have some pre-designed photo wine labels (like Banner Year and Cameo) or you can design your own!

Homemade wine also makes a terrific housewarming gift.  Sure Tupperware is great and all, but what every new homeowner really needs after that first mortgage payment is a glass of wine!

Even if you don’t design a custom label for every occasion, designing a label for your homemade wine can be one of the most fun aspects of making your own wine.  A classic design like Bunting Flags (shown above) is perfect for multiple occasions.  Simply browse our All Occasions wine label designs, find one that appeals to you, and enjoy the convenience of having a stockpile of the perfect gift!





2 responses to “Elegant Homemade Wine Labels”

  1. Draw For Joy

    I like that label. It’s easy to make a label, though hard to make the wine at home for the lazy people.

    1. Too true! You can also put custom wine labels on store-bought wine and no one will know the difference!

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