Homebrewing During the Summer

[singlepic id=128 w=240 h=160 float=center]Homebrewing during the summer can be a hot, sticky mess!  The process of brewing your own beer can be quite warm anyway, but when you add escalating outdoor temperatures to the mix things can get downright unpleasant!  Don’t think for a second that this means you have to relinquish your hobby until fall rolls around, though.  Plenty of people continue to brew their own beer during the summer and live to tell the tale!

We know many of our customers buy our custom beer labels to label their homebrewed beer, and it’s a lot of fun for us to see the names that go along with each batch and read the stories that accompany them.  We have a ton of designs that are perfect for summer brews, and we can also print completely custom designs as well.  With our completely self-adhesive and waterproof labels, you never have to worry about refrigerating your beer or keeping it on ice.  Our label look great no matter where you store your beer!

Here are some ways to help get you through this warm homebrewing season:

  1. Try to maintain a constant temperature.  Places like basements are ideal, as they tend to stay pretty cool and constant in temperature.  Avoid places like metal garden sheds because these fluctuate wildly in temperature.
  2. Let your fermenter sunbathe.  Air it out in the sunshine between brews to prevent it from becoming musty.  Just take care not to leave it in sunlight for too long so as to prevent the plastic from getting brittle.
  3. Keep your brewing ingredients away from direct heat.  If you expose your yeast to high temperatures, you run the risk of reducing its quality and effectiveness.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be knocking back your delicious homebrew all summer long!





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