Homebrew Gift Idea

[singlepic id=236 w=240 h=240 float=center]If you know any homebrewers, you likely know a few things.  Things like:

  • Clean, empty bottles are almost always appreciated.
  • People who brew their own beer and wine are never at a loss for a good time.
  • You can make homebrew from darn near almost anything.

For example, some friends recently gave one of our employees some homemade dandelion wine.  Who knew you could make a fantastic beverage from what most people would consider weeds?!

If you have friends who routinely blow your mind with the brews that come out of their garage, give them a custom gift that shows how well you know them and how much you support their awesome hobby: custom beer or wine labels.

The neat thing about our custom beer and wine labels is that they’re re-usable.  They’re self-adhesive, and waterproof, and the adhesive in the back is formulated in such a way that you can easily remove the labels and re-apply them when necessary.

This means that if you order a batch of labels, your friends can label their brews, get the bottles back, remove the labels, sanitize the bottles, and then re-use both the bottles and the labels!

Homebrewers tend to be immensely proud of their brews, so show your support and love with a custom, one-of-a-kind perfect gift.  Who knows, you might even get yourself some bottles of brew in thanks!





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