Photo wine label for Christmas

Make a Holiday Wine Label with a Photo: A Tutorial

Make Holiday Wine Labels with a Favorite Photo

As the days get shorter and the air has that hint of briskness, most of us begin to look forward to winter and the upcoming holiday season. That is, those of us who don’t shudder at the thought of what gifts to give. Relax! I have a unique holiday gift idea for you. Today I’ll show you how to make a holiday wine label with a photo. It’s so easy you’ll want to make several versions to keep on hand for hostess gifts, Christmas gifts, wine lovers and holiday table settings. All you need is a high resolution photo and either a favorite bottle of wine or a bottle of your homemade wine.

According to the U.S. Wine Institute in the year 2013 892 million gallons of wine were consumed. That’s 2.82 gallons per person. So if you’re thinking wine is a great gift to give then you’re right!

Photo wine label for Christmas

Let’s get started!  We’re going to customize a wine label by using the image and text fields and skip the design studio. To make more advanced changes you would click the Customize It button, but that’s for a later tutorial. Remember, we’re making a unique wine label the quickest and easiest way possible. See below.

Step 1: Choose a Template.

We’ll use the holiday wine label template Family Christmas Wine Label in this tutorial.

Make a holiday wine label with a photo

Step 2: Choose Your Photo.

Look to the right of the label template and locate Image 1 and Change Image 1. On this label the template has a photo of a baby, which is Image 1. We’re going to change it to our photo of a different baby. Click Change Image 1 the gray box.  An icon appears above the template that says Upload New Images with a cloud and arrow pointing up. See the example in the image below.

Make a photo wine label for Christmas

Step 3:  Upload Your Photo.

Click on the Upload New Images icon. A window will pop up which allows you to select a file from your computer. After you browse your files and select the photo click Open and you will see this screen:

Upload a photo to your holiday wine label.

Step 4: Crop the Photo.

When the photo is done uploading this is what appears next; a box with your photo and the suggested cropping. You can grab and move the crop marks over the photo to get the look you want. If you want to rotate the photo you can do so, but keep in mind the gray area outside the crop marks will be cut off. Click Use Cropped Photo so it fits within the border on the template.

Adding a favorite photo to a holiday wine label

Step 5: Type Your Text.

Now you’ll see your photo on the label template just like in our example below. Type your greeting in Text Line 1 and press enter or your keyboard. Do the same for Text Line 2. Your message appears on the wine label along with your photo!

Edit the text on your holiday wine label

Step 6:  Add to Cart.

All that’s left is to choose your label quantity from the drop down and place your order.

 Want to Make More Changes to Your Holiday Wine Label?

Holiday Wine Label with Photo

If you want to make further changes, like changing the font style, font color or font size or add an additional line of text, click the green Customize It button and the design will be transferred into the design studio for more advanced designing options.  See the image below. We’ll save that for another tutorial. In the meantime you have a wonderful holiday wine label with a photo!

Customize your holiday wine label

Holiday Wine Labels Make Unique Gifts for Family and Friends

Christmas wine label for 2014

Picture giving Grandma & Grandpa, Aunties and Uncles a bottle of wine with your family photo. They’ll be thrilled! Use baby photos, wedding photos, graduation photos, family photos or family reunion photos to make a unique gift for everyone in your family circle. For some families making a photo wine label becomes a yearly tradition. Think of saving one bottle a year for future holiday celebrations. You’re not just making a wine label you’re making memories.

For further help or if you have specific questions be sure to email us at [email protected] or live chat with us on our site. We’re always happy to help with special project like this one.





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