The Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

[singlepic id=15 w=240 h=160 float=center]Coming up with a considerate gift for the men in your life can be daunting and challenging.  Every year, nearly seven times as many people search the Internet for Christmas gift ideas for men as do the same search for women, and it’s probably because coming up with gift ideas for men can be tough.

Here are some great holiday gift ideas that the men in your life will love:

  1. Beer homebrewing kit. Beer and men go together like chocolate and women, so this is a natural gift choice.  Brewing beer at home is a great hobby for any project-oriented beer-lover.  Many websites offer homebrewing kits, but our favorite place to get homebrewing kits is Mr. Beer.  If you’d like to give your gift a personalized touch, you can always include a set of personalized beer labels to commemorate your brewmaster’s inaugural batch!
  2. Video games. There are a lot of great video games coming out close to Christmas this year and some of them may be exactly what your guy has been hoping to unwrap this year.   This website has some great suggestions for new video games that are coming out this holiday season.
  3. Electronics. Guys love electronics.  If it lights up, does something obscure (yet cool), or can be used in the car, chances are very good that guys will love it.  This website offers some great advice about where to find good deals on electronics this year.
  4. Food. Most guys have a favorite food, recipe, or dish that they will eat until their stomachs are so full it’s painful.  An economical way to put a smile on a guy’s face is to make that dish for him and tell him he doesn’t have to share.  Some guys love cookies, others brownies, and for some guys it’s just a nice slab of steak.  Do a little sleuthing to find out what food drives him wild and then hop to it!
  5. Comfortable clothes. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts are always a good way to go with guys.  Most men love changing into comfortable lounging clothes at the end of the day, so these gifts often go over really well.  It’s even better if you can find lounging clothing that shows off his favorite band or sports team.

If you can think of any other great gift ideas for guys please share in the comments section.  New ideas are always welcome!





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  2. -Lael, iPods make great gifts as well!

  3. That was my problem now a days, I have difficulty in choosing the exact gift that I could give to my father, brother and to my some one that they will appreciate most.:(I guess I will choose the clothes.

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