Christmas party favor idea - mini paint can with custom circle sticker

Holiday Gift Idea #6: Mini Paint Can Christmas Favor

Christmas party favor idea - mini paint can with custom circle sticker

Mini Paint Can Favor with Custom Circle Sticker

Twelve days until Christmas and if you’re like me you’re wading through the to-do list and it just keeps getting longer! Well take Christmas favors off your list because this idea is easy enough you can have your husband or kids do it for you.

Mini paint cans are everywhere in craft and party stores and we have a super cute way for you to decorate them using a custom circle sticker, gift wrap and a bow. Set one of these favors next to everyone’s dinner plate on Christmas eve or Christmas day and you’ll get smiles all around. Mini paint can favors will also fit inside a Christmas stocking. They come in all sizes and we used the 3 inch diameter by 3 3/8 inch high size.

Mini paint can for party favors

The lid on the mini paint can is just the place to show off your Christmas message. The circle sticker we used on the lid of the mini paint can is 2 inches around. Make your own custom circle sticker

  • Custom circle sticker
  • Mini paint can
  • Gift wrap
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Candy or stocking stuffer gift
  • Start by purchasing your mini paint cans. Measure the lid so you know what size circle sticker to order.

    Place your order for the sticker. Allow for two business days time to print the sticker and then add on the time it takes to ship to your house. This time of year you’ll want to think about ordering this weekend.

    Measure around the outside of the paint can and cut a length of gift wrap 1/2 inch longer than the circumference of the can. I like to cut the height so some of the treats inside the can are showing, but you might want to hide the contents so adjust the height to fit the size of the can you purchased.

    Measure one half inch longer than the circumference of your min paint can to cut the gift wrap.

    Drop the strip of gift wrap inside the can and tape the the seam.

    Place the paper gift wrap strip inside the mini paint can and tape the seam.

    Place the sticker on the lid and put the lid on the can.

    Close up of the circle sticker and mini paint can Christmas favor

    Tie a ribbon (optional) on the handle.

    Circle sticker on the lid of the mini paint can favor.

    Fill with Christmas candy, cookies or maybe a small stocking stuffer gift. Inside this can are foil-wrapped chocolate balls.

    This holiday gift idea is sixth in our series of gift ideas using custom stickers and labels. Every idea we share has less than ten steps to make and the cost is usually under $5. If you have a gift idea or favor idea using our products please feel free to share with us and we’ll pass the idea on to our readers. Email any ideas to [email protected].





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