DIY Christmas Party Favors made with gable boxes we found at Target

Holiday Gift Idea #4: Christmas Party Favor

Christmas Party Favor Idea Gable Boxes with Custom Gift Tag Stickers

Let the party planning begin! These gable boxes make the perfect Christmas party favors and are guaranteed to make a festive place setting. I discovered these gable boxes cruising through the party department at Target recently. At a price of $1 for three boxes I couldn’t pass up the bargain, figuring to share them with you, dear readers. Don’t you think adding a custom gift tag sticker, and filling with truffles or homemade tea cookies is the perfect way to put these favor boxes to use? They make a delightful, inexpensive gift to give holiday guests. These boxes are 5 1/16 in L x 2 1/2 in W x 4 in H.  Three colors were available the day I was at Target; navy blue, turquoise and burgundy red.

Party Favors boxes for $1 from Target

I used materials on hand from my craft stash, along with BottleYourBrand‘s Holiday Gift Tag Stickers. For very little money and time the result was amazing.

Here are the materials I had to work with:

  •  Mini-Christmas bulb
  • Raffia
  • Colored Hemp Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Washi Tape
  • Dotted Tulle
  • Custom Gift Tag Stickers

Materials used to make Christmas Party favors with gable boxes and gift tag stickers

Here are the steps to making the navy blue favor box with a mini-bulb:

  • Customize and order this gift tag sticker.
  • Measure around the width of the gable box and cut a length of ribbon one/half inch longer than the width.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the center of the box and using double-sided tape attach the ends of the ribbon to the box and to each other on the back of the box.
  • Place the gift tag sticker in the center of the front of the box.
  • Fill your box with the treat or gift you’ve chosen.
  • Next, tie a bow with the ribbon and using floral wire attach the bulb to the bow. Tie the bow to the box handle with a small length of ribbon.

Here’s a photo of  the result:

DIY Christmas Party Favors made with gable boxes we found at Target

The next favor box is decorated with colored raffia and hemp twine. These were purchased at World Market. If you’re not sure how to tie a raffia bow there are many videos on YouTube that are helpful. The gift tag sticker we used is HoHoHo.

  • Order your custom sticker from Bottle Your Brand.
  • Take a long length of twine and wrap around the favor box twice. Tie a shoestring bow in the middle of the box. This bow will be on the back of the favor box.
  • Turn the box around and separate the strands of wine to form a wide gap on both sides of the box forming an X with the twine.
  •  Place the gift tag sticker in the center of the X formed by the colored twine.
  • Fill your favor box with the treat of your choice. We used Godiva Truffles.
  • Tie the raffia ribbon to the handle of the box.

Here’s the result:

Use gift tag stickers to decorate a mini favor box.

Our final party favor, the turquoise gable box, takes just a bit more time, but it’s worth it.  This favor is decorated with our Holiday Gift sticker and a dotted tulle mini pom-pom. Since pom poms seem to be popping up everywhere, why not on favors at your Christmas party?

  • Order your custom sticker from Bottle Your Brand
  • Take your Washi tape and wrap length-wise around the middle of the box. Cut the tape in the center of the back of the box and overlap the edges.
  • Next, starting at the bottom of the handle opening, place the tape around the box height-wise and meet at the back of the box under the handle opening.
  • Place your custom gift tag sticker in the middle of the front of the box where the tape forms a cross.
  • Fill your box with homemade cookies or whatever you plan to give. We used small lemon tea cookies. Yummy!
  • Next, make a tulle mini-pom pom. This looks time consuming, but it’s really quick and easy. Check out YouTube for tutorials and step-by-step instructions.
  • Tie your pom pom to the box with baker’s twine or a piece of floral wire.

Here is the finished result for the Mini-Pom Pom Favor Box.

Small gable box decorated with Washi tape and a dotted tulle pom pom. Perfect for party favors or gifts for dinner guests.

I’ve always been a fan of giving favors at parties, but especially at Christmas. If you decide to give these favor ideas a try let us know the result. We’d love to see photos as well. Simply email to [email protected].

Look for more unique gift ideas using custom stickers and labels in upcoming posts. Happy Holidays!


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