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Holiday Gift Idea: Hot Chocolate Mix Cone Bags

During the holiday season we’re showing our readers how simple it is to give food gifts that look amazing but don’t take a lot of time, money or skill. We know how busy everyone is, especially this time of year, so every gift idea is ten steps or less. Each project we present will include a custom sticker. This week we’re showing you how to assemble a hot chocolate mix cone bag.

Hot chocolate mix cone bag with customized gift tag sticker

Making food gifts that friends and family will love is something we all enjoy. Presenting gifts in packaging that makes them drool is another thing entirely. These hot cocoa mix cone bags are perfect gifts. They are so easy to make your kids will want to make some too. They’re great gifts for their friends and inexpensive, but much appreciated gifts for teachers.

Hot chocolate isn’t just for the holidays so consider making this gift for any winter event. This charming presentation of a gift as simple and welcome as hot chocolate, will wow everyone. We’ve included step by step instructions, along with a link to this sticker used in the example.

Materials to assemble a hot chocolate mix cone bag


2″ x 3″ custom gift tag sticker

6″ x 12″ clear cone bag (check your local crafts or packaging stores)

1/2″ wide ribbon in the color of your choice

twist ties or thin rubber bands

Single hole punch (optional)

Hot cocoa mix

Bag of mini marshmallows

Bag of white chocolate mini-chips or regular chocolate mini-chips


Choose from the variety of holiday designs we offer for Christmas gift tag stickers. Customize and order your gift tag sticker online. Assemble the materials and ingredients in the materials list. When your sticker arrives, usually within a week, you’re ready to assemble this food gift idea.

Pour 3/4 cups of the cocoa mix into a cone bag and seal with a twist tie or rubber band.

Place the filled bag inside a second cone bag and push down to flatten the top.

Cocoa mix cone bag goes inside second cone bag.

Holding the outer bag upright, pour a layer of 1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips on top of the cocoa mix bag.

On top of the chips pour 1/4 cup of mini marshmallows.

Tie off the bag with a twist tie or rubber band.

Use the hole punch to make a hole in the top of your custom gift tag sticker. Tip: Don’t remove the protective backing unless you plan on using our alternate idea which eliminates the hole punch. (See below).

Example of how to punch the hole in your custom gift tag sticker.

Thread the twist tie through the hole.

Thread a twist tie through the hole of the custom gift tag sticker.

Make a shoe lace bow with the 1/4″ ribbon. Using the twist tie attach the gift tag sticker and ribbon to the cone bag.

Alternate idea: If you don’t have a hole punch simply peel away the backing on the sticker and stick it to the cocoa mix bag and tie a bow around the top of the cone bag.

Tie the gift tag sticker to the cone bag

You now have an amazingly simple, but incredibly crafty holiday food gift package.






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