Cut slits in the top of the gift wrap and separate the two layers to make the top full looking.

Holiday Gift Idea #5: Wine Gift Wrap Idea

It’s not too late to make a wine label for your wine gifts this year. In part five of our series of Holiday Gift Ideas we show you how to wrap a wine bottle with items everyone has on hand this time of year. This gift wrap idea is easy enough for beginners and adds flair to giving wine. Anyone can show up at a party and shove a wine bottle at the host. It will go on the bar next to all the other bottles and they’ll forget which one you gave them. Now this can be a good thing if you’re giving cheap wine, but if you’re giving a bottle of wine you took time to select, then give a bottle with a festive wrap. The host or hostess is certain to remember your gift. The only tools you need is a ruler,  scotch tape and scissors. Third grade kids use these tools and you can too! As promised this takes ten steps or less to make.

Easy Wine Bottle Gift Wrap Idea -Use supplies on hand

Normally we recommend you remove the existing label and add your custom label. This idea is for those of you who want to leave the original wine label on the bottle, but still want to give wine with a personalized touch. It saves the time it takes to soak off the original label which, depending on the adhesive, can take a while.

Your first step is to go online to and order your holiday wine label. To customize a wine label online is very simple. We ship them out within two business days so there’s still plenty of time to order wine labels before the holidays.  The minimum order is ten labels giving you plenty of  labels for all of the Christmas parties you attend.

Materials to assemble:

  • Festive gift wrap
  • Scotch Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Custom Wine Label
  • Wine Bottle

Materials you'll need to assemble for wine gift wrap. The fifth in our series on Gift Wrap Ideas.

When your wine labels arrive. Gather together the rest of the materials.  Unroll the gift wrap and measure out a square approximately 18 inches by 18 inches. Cut out the square and with the print side down roll the gift wrap around the bottle two times leaving about 1/2 inch extending out from the bottom of the bottle. Crimp and tape securely on the bottom of the bottle.

Take a length of ribbon and wrap twice around the bottle neck bringing the ends to the front and tie a simple bow. Wired ribbon works exceptionally well because the ribbon stays perky, allowing for you to shape it.

With the scissors take the top of the wrap above the neck of the bottle and cut into strips. Gently pull the first and second layer of gift wrap apart fluffing up the strips.

Cut slits in the top of the gift wrap and separate the two layers to make the top full looking.

Peel the protective backing off the wine label and square up to the bottle. Place the label on the bottle and smooth from the center to the left and then to the right removing any air bubbles.

That’s all! Step back and take a look at your fancy wine gift. Good job!



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