Happy Fourth of July!

Happy fourth of July from Bottle Your Brand! We love celebrating the 4th with friends and family by the grill — with, of course, festive red, white, and blue decor all around us.  We’ve been brainstorming party ideas, and we hope you have too. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite recipe and decor ideas to share with you… These are simple ideas (especially important for the last minute party planners), but we promise, they’ll make your party the best on the block!



1. Try this Berry Splash drink, made with white cranberry juice, cherry mix, and garnished with fresh mint. Click here for the recipe.

2.  Tomato and Watermelon Salad — An unlikely pair, but combine this sweet, juicy watermelon with fresh tomato, onion and a red wine vinaigrette and it’ll be a huge hit at your party!  Click here for the recipe.

3.  Try these  Molasses-Balsamic Steak Kabobs at your party.

4.  We also recommend these delicious sun-dried tomato pesto burgers for your main course. Speciality burgers are a great idea for any holiday party.  See just how to make them, here.

5. Choose between #5 and #6 for your party dessert, or make both!  Star shaped Jell-O desserts are a cinch to make.

6.  Blueberry Cobbler with sugared star shortcakes are just as easy to make and they’re quite pretty too!


In addition to recipes, we’re also sharing a few of our favorite simple decorating ideas.  Take a look!


Clockwise from upper left: Decor Idea 1 | Decor Idea 2 |  Decor Idea 3 | Decor Idea 4


Happy Fourth of July!






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