Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you…

Bottle Your Brand has prepared our favorite ideas to help decorate your home for the spooky holiday to come… We’re here to keep Halloween from sneaking up on you, and have suggestions ranging from indoor and outdoor decorations to Halloween party favors for your friends and family. Guests will rave about your unique decor and stylish party planning efforts!

If you want to go all out this Halloween and impress your neighbors and trick-or-treaters to the fullest, recreate these spider webs (below) on the exterior of your home. Board up your windows, put fake gravestones in your front yard, and hang oversized spiders in a few places near your entry way — your house will truly look haunted! Bottle Your Brand suggests checking out your local costume and decoration store or visiting an online Halloween store for these classic items.

Now, let’s switch gears… Consider these indoor decorations to spread the Halloween spirit into the party itself…

Take the time to set up a nice display table for your guests to gather around during your party. Then, hang rubber bats and overscale spider webs made from cheese cloth above the appetizers and assorted bags of Halloween candy. Add a set of black candles, one to two painted or carved pumpkins, and maybe even a plastic skull on a cake platter to act as a nice Halloween-themed center piece… Your table will be all set for the party!

Consider dressing up your bags of candy with Halloween-themed stickers for some added decoration. Create your own custom square sticker design and apply them to your guests’ party favors.  This way, they’ll know their attendance was much appreciated at your gathering.

Good luck preparing and remember to be creative with your party planning! Enjoy.



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