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The Bride’s Guide to Buying Wedding Wine Labels

Ever wonder what you can do to make your wedding more memorable for your guests? Custom wedding wine labels are a great way to provide that extra something special.  An enchanting wedding includes personal touches like wedding wine labels. Wine labels with messages of thanks and notes of welcome to guests make the wedding more personal. Receiving a bottle of wine with a photo of the happy couple is memorable whereas a generic bottle is quickly forgotten. Giving mini wine favors labeled with a wedding verse trumps a plain bottle off the shelf. A wedding filled with personalized wine bottles is one of charm and character and most certainly something wedding guests will always remember. They’re perfect for favors at bridal showers, bachelor parties, weddings receptions; any wedding related event really.

Wedding Wine Label on Bordeaux Shaped Bottle

What to Consider When Buying Wedding Wine Labels vs. Labeled Wine Bottles

There are a lot of factors that make buying custom wine labels an attractive choice for the wedding couple. Here are just a few:

#1. Cost Savings

You’ll save a lot of money by ordering just the wine labels versus ordering specially labeled bottles from a winery. Why? It’s a lot less expensive to ship wine labels (and then purchase wine locally to label) than it is to purchase and ship custom labeled wine bottles.

It’s also less hassle to buy wine labels separately, owing to the fact that shipping alcohol comes with an excess of issues that brides don’t need  or want to get involved with when planning a wedding. The rules for shipping alcohol varies from state to state. According to Life Hacker, “Shipping alcohol is pretty restricted across the board… States have the right to determine their own rules for shipping alcohol in or out of their state, so it’s hard to make blanket statements. If you’re unsure about your particular area, call a nearby location and ask. Some places require that you have a license to ship alcohol, while others will accept it as long as it it’s properly packaged.” There are some wineries that will handle the intricacies of shipping wine, if you’re up for the expense. We think that’s a very good reason brides will want to order self adhesive wine labels as an alternative.

Make Your Own Wedding Wine Label

#2. Fast Service

It’s more expedient to design and order wedding wine labels than to buy custom labeled wine online. We ship out custom wedding wine labels in two business days or less. In some cases your order may ship the next business day depending on what time of day you order. We recommend you buy wine in bulk from a store like Total Wine and apply your custom labels to the bottles. And if you’re in a really big hurry we offer all levels of expedited shipping for wine labels within the U.S., including overnight shipping via FedEx. It’s surprising, but some brides wait until the week before their wedding to add personalized touches like custom wine labels.

Wedding wine labels for all bottle sizes

#3. Size Options

Order the label size and shape that fits your bottles. Depending on the bottle size, the varietal, and the bottle shape, you’ll get the option on BYB to choose sizes as small as 3 inches by 2 inches and as large as 6 inches by 4 inches, and including shapes such as rectangles, squares, ovals and circles. This gives Brides and wedding planners the option to label anything from splits to magnums and more.

For mini wine bottles, or splits, a bride has the choice of these sizes and orientations: 3 inches wide by 2 inches high, 2 inches wide by 3 inches high, or 3 inches square and finally a 2 inch circle.

The standard wine label we offer is 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. The pre-designed wedding wine templates on the site are created in this size. This size works great on the three standard wine bottles which are: the Burgundy bottle, the Bordeaux bottle and the Alsatian/Mosel bottle.

  • A Burgundy bottle has slightly curved sides and is used for Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs.
  • A Bordeaux bottle has “shoulders” and is probably the most widely recognized bottle shape.
  • An  Alsatian/Mosel bottle has sloping sides and is used for Rieslings and Gewurztraminers.

Most common wine bottle shapes

The main thing to look for when applying the label is the surface of the area where the labels are applied. Is this area straight vertically or does the bottle bulge? If it bulges markedly, as in some Champagne bottles you might be better off ordering an oval shape, which we also carry. It’s less likely the label will bubble or wrinkle on a bottle with bulging sides when the label is an oval versus a square or rectangle. If the bottle sides are straight up and down vertically, then you’re free to choose any size or shape within the available options.

Wedding wine labels on bottles

#4. Design Choices

Most brides are very particular about wedding details and the labels they use for their wine bottles are no exception. Even the creatively impaired can order a gorgeous wedding wine label by modifying one of our templates. Many of the designs we offer allow the user to change the color of the background as well as the color of the text. To make these custom changes, look below the text lines on the landing page and locate the Customize More button. This option takes you into the design studio where there are endless chances to create your dream label. Some of the design options for wedding wine labels (there are more):

  • font style
  • clip art
  • shapes
  • font color
  • text box
  • outlines
  • gradients
  • flourish shapes
  • font size
  • upload a photo
  • upload a graphic file
  • background color
  • text on a path
  • QR code linking to the wedding website

Create your own mini wine labels
For the artistically inclined, the option to make your own design on a wine label is available as well. No need to be confined by pre-made designs. The Make Your Own option allows the user to upload a graphic, a photo or clip art to make a wedding label. This means a design made in PhotoShop or Illustrator can be converted to an accepted format and uploaded. Any wedding graphics a bride has purchased such as a professionally designed wedding monogram may also be uploaded to the blank wine label template if it’s in PNG or JPG format. We can help with file conversions should the need arise.

Custom wedding wine label with bride's artwork

#5.  Multiple Uses Equals Multiple Solutions

It’s easy to apply a wedding wine label to a favorite bottle of wine. This is good news for brides and grooms in light of the flexibility it gives for buying wines of many varietals in their price range without blowing the wedding budget.

DIY brides are using this idea for mini wine bottles, mini liquor bottles and full size 750 ML bottles. Wedding wine labels are not only perfect for local weddings, they’re the ultimate wedding favor for destination weddings. It’s every brides’ problem to figure out what to give as favors when travel to the wedding is miles from home. Custom labels are lightweight, flat, and easy to pack which makes them a smart choice. Once at the destination it’s a quick trip to the local wine shop to pick up wine.

Once you have your labels in hand you’ll find many uses beyond the day of the wedding. Personalized wine bottles make the ultimate gift to bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding guests and family. Many brides and grooms are creating special photo wine labels to ask their bridesmaids and groomsmen to be a part of their wedding and a bottle of wine in out of town guest bags is always a welcome sight.

Wedding labels for sparkline wine and mini sparkling wine bottles.

For tips on how to remove existing wine labels from bottles please visit this helpful post.

Wedding wine labels

If you have questions about adapting an existing design to another shape or size please email us at [email protected]. We’re also happy to help convert any files to the correct format for uploading or check the resolution on artwork files. We’ve been helping brides make wedding wine labels for over ten years and have the experience to advise brides on many questions.






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  1. My fiancee and I are thinking about getting custom labels put on our wine bottles. I like that you talked about thinking about the size of the different bottle of wine or other drinks that will be there. That way you know your label will look good on all of them.

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