Graduation Photo Wine Labels!

Graduation season is almost upon us!  As spring hits its full stride and summer peeks around the corner, seniors around the world are cramming for finals, wrapping up final projects, and looking toward the future.  Graduation is a wonderful thing to celebrate!

Why not celebrate your grad (who’s of legal drinking age, of course) with a celebratory bottle of wine, bottled in his or her honor?  Customized wine is classy, thoughtful, fun, and a gift they’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of.  It can be an especially sentimental gift if you customize the wine label with their photo!  If you like the look of the photo wine label shown above, you can personalize it/a> for yourself.

We especially love the idea of giving a personalized bottle of wine to your grad the week before graduation night, with a card that encourages him or her to open the bottle and drink a glass to celebrate his or her wonderful accomplishment after the graduation ceremony.  That way, even if you can’t be there in person to celebrate you know your grad will be thinking of you the day he or she accepts that diploma.

Our photo wine labels are self-adhesive, waterproof (so you can chill the wine without worrying about the label smearing), and will print your photo picture perfect.  Our low prices make this a completely custom (and completely affordable!) graduation gift idea!





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