Custom bottled water for car dealership marketing

Give Them the Good Stuff – Marketing Your Business in the Real World

Nordstrom custom bottled water

Marketing your business isn’t just about buying ads or using social media, it’s also about giving your customers what they want. As one of our customers who orders our custom bottled water says, “Give me some more of the good stuff.”

Nordstrom branded bottled water

What is the “Good Stuff?”

Custom bottled water is indeed, the good stuff. It provides customers with fresh clean water, one of the necessities of life, while at the same time branding your business. If you’re considering different ways to market your business remember to give your customers something useful they want, but make sure it reminds them of you. Branded bottled water fills that need. Whether you’re a small office of ten or less or a PR rep for a corporation that employs tens of thousands, marketing with custom bottled water is a great option.

Private labeled bottles for Lawyers Offices Why Our Custom Bottled Water?

Sure you can go to the local grocers and buy cases of water in bulk, but what are you giving to your customers? First of all you’re definitely not handing out your brand on every bottle. You’re promoting Nestle, Poland Springs, Deer Park or whatever name is on the label. With private label bottled water from Bottle Your Brand you’re marketing your brand. Second, do you know what’s in the bottle? Have you checked to see if it’s from a spring or is it filtered municipal water, a.k.a. tap water? Our bottles are filled at the source, a spring in central Oregon that is analyzed and monitored by an independent testing company. And finally do you know the type of plastic used in the bottles you buy at the store? We use #1 PETE recycled plastic for our bottled water. It’s a high grade plastic which is declared safe by green living experts.

Custom bottled water for car dealership marketing

What About Cost?

Some people try to compare our private label bottled water to off-the-shelf brands on a price per bottle basis. It’s like the old saying “comparing apples to oranges.” They’re not the same thing. Our branded bottled water has your proprietary information, your logo, your contact information, your images. It’s something that represents your company and at a low cost per bottle when compared to an expensive ad campaign. Every bottle is a mini billboard declaring your brand. Pricing of our bottled water is tiered so the more you buy the lower the per case cost. We’re happy to help you work with a budget, just give us a call. The price for one case gets you a branded bottle for $1.25. If you order at our lowest price break the per bottle cost is as low as $0.42. Buy a bottle of water at the airport and you’re out $2 or more, so branded bottles are a pretty good deal don’t you think?

Custom bottled water for dentist

How Do I Make My Own Private Label Bottled Water?

It’s easier than you might think to make your own custom bottles. Follow these steps:

  1. Start with your logo. Make sure it’s a version that’s high resolution; 300 pixels per inch. Save your logo on your computer.
  2. Log in to our site and go to Make Your Own>Custom Label Bottled Water and select a bottle size and case quantity.
  3. Click Customize It! You’re now in the design studio.
  4. Click “Image” on the left tool bar to browse your computer files, upload your image and drag and drop to the canvas.
  5. Next, choose “Text”. Start typing your company information. Change your font style, color, and size by selecting the text and using the drop downs on the Text Options tool bar.
  6. If you need to, add a background color or background image. You’ll find that option directly above the canvas; the mountain icon and palette icon.
  7. Use the Text Alignment and Image Alignment tools to place everything where you want it.

If you have a designer who made a custom label for your company you can upload a completed file too. Simply convert the file to JPG, PNG or TFF format to upload. You can always ask for a proof to be emailed to you before we go to press.

Announce a new product with customized bottled water

What Should You Include on the Labels?

Make sure you include contact info such as a phone number, email or web address. Add your company logo or name and perhaps a relevant photo. A professionally designed high resolution logo is a plus too, but not necessary. The online designer also gives you the ability to add a QR code. This is especially helpful to real estate agents who want to show a listing or companies who have an upcoming event to promote.

Use a QR code on your bottled water

Companies that use private labeled bottles for branding are hotels, banks, orthodontists, landscapers, construction companies, pharmacies, churches, veterinarians, restaurants and more. Your company can benefit from handing out the good stuff as well!

Logo bottled water for banks and financial businesses

Customized bottled water

Need help figuring out what to put on your company’s private label?  We can help. Contact us at [email protected] or Live Chat with us weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific time.





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