Private label bottled water for promotions

Get the Most Out of Your Trade Show Handout

Promotional bottled water for trade shows should include all of your contact information.

Trade shows are great for several reasons; sales opportunities, learning, networking and they’re an excellent place to launch new products. Internet transactions or phone calls will never replace the face to face meetings that a trade show provides. At your next trade show extend your reach with a personalized bottled water handout.

Smart trade show hand outs should do several important things for you:

  • Give crucial information about your business
  • Be memorable
  • Be useful
  • Enhance your image

Personalized bottled water accomplishes all of the above.

Your label is the focus of the bottle, so provide key business information on your label with carefully chosen graphics and text. It’s important your water bottle label has all the essentials you want to communicate to potential clients about your products or services.

Important elements to include on trade show bottled water.
Important things to put on your bottled water label.

Tramp around a hot convention floor for hours and you work up a mighty thirst. When attendees get to your booth, a cool bottle of pure spring water is a welcome sight, making your bottled water giveaway useful, not to mention healthy. When your logo and information are on the label it’s eye-catching and a conversation piece.

Private label bottled water portrays your business as desirable since private labeling is viewed as a sign of prosperity and class. However, we’ve made it a “luxury” that’s affordable and creative. Sharp images, a colorful logo, a clever byline, all on an eco-friendly, recycled bottle filled with pure spring water; it’s a magic formula for trade show handouts.

We’ve been producing and shipping private label bottled water to trade shows, hotels and conventions for over ten years. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. If you have never customized bottled water before, or received shipments at a trade show or convention, here are some important things you need to know:

1. What Should I Put on My Bottled Water Label?

  • The label design should be colorful, uncluttered and readable. You get extra points for being creative.
  • We recommend the label include your phone number, email address and URL as mandatory information. Your business address is a good idea.
  • A sharp logo is highly desirable.
  • Bullet points about your products or services are great, if space allows.

Here are some examples illustrating the above. These bottled water labels have all the elements to make a great give-away for a trade show.


This label shows what information can be included on a bottled water label for a business.
All the contact information a customer needs about this business is included on the label.


An example of an eye-catching bottled water label for trade shows.
Example of bottled water label for trade show give-away.


2. How Do I Make a Water Bottle Label?

You might already have a graphic designer who will create a label for you. If so that’s great, all graphic file types can be uploaded and ordered. However, with the online label designer you don’t have to hire a graphic designer, all you need is a high resolution logo and/or photo. High resolution means the file must be 300 pixels per inch resolution.

Steps to Making a Label for Trade Show Bottled Water:

  1. Save the file or logo to an easily accessible place on your computer. We recommend your desktop.
  2. On start at this page to make a label from scratch.
  3. Select your bottle size and case quantity. (There are 24 bottles in a case.) Once you have made your choices click on “Personalize”.
  4. Now you’re in the design screen. Upload your logo by clicking on Add Image. Re-size and move  the logo on the label by selecting EDIT in the gray box and using the tools.
  5. Next select the Add Text tool and type your information. The text tool will allow you to choose a font style and a font color. It’s easy to match the colors to your logo using the color picker tool on the text tool bar. Use the text tool to move, re-size or center the text.
  6. To change any elements hover over the word Edit and select it. A tool bar will appear with options for changes. If you want a proof of your label, email us with your order number requesting a proof. We’ll email back within 24 hours. Your order won’t go to print until you approve the proof. Keep in mind this might delay production.

3. What Bottle Size Should I Choose?

Generally we recommend our smaller bottle for handouts. That’s the 12 ounce size. Why? For several reasons. Number one: It’s just the right size for carrying, either in hand or in a bag. Number two: It’s more economical to ship. The 12 ounce case weight is 8 pounds lighter than the 16.9 oz case weight and more cases fit on a pallet. 84 cases/2016 bottles ship on one full skid. Whereas a full skid of the 16.9 oz. size holds 72 cases or 1728 bottles. The price to ship one skid is the same whether it holds 84 cases or 72 cases. So economically it makes more sense to choose the 12 ounce as a good value for trade shows or conventions.

Bottle sizes to choose from for trade show and convention give always- 12 oz and 16.9 oz bottled water

4. Will My Order Arrive at the Trade Show On Time?

Please allow at least 14 days for production and shipping of bottled water orders. Use the Shipping Instructions box found on the check out page under Shipping Method, to tell us your in-hands date. Our shipping manager will set the ship date so your order will arrive on the day you need it. We generally allow an extra day for any transit or mechanical delays.

The place in your order where you tell us when you need your bottled water to arrive at the trade show.

5. What If a Trade Show Management Company is Handling the Shipments?

Many trade shows have companies like GES or Freeman who set required shipment arrival dates and handle all the packages for a trade show. These companies often provide informational packets with shipping labels, special instructions and handling information. Simply fax or email your shipping labels to us with any pertinent information and we’ll do the rest.

6. What If I’m Shipping to a Hotel?

Please contact the hotel and ask if there is a charge to store packages. If so, we’ll target the date you plan to arrive and ship for that date. Some hotels do not charge storage fees and simply ask that packages be shipped to the concierge or the catering manager. A phone call on your part to obtain this information will aid us in getting your private label water to you within the most efficient time frame.

A Smart Trade Show Handout

As trade show season approaches feel confident when you choose personalized bottled water; it will represent your company well.  Our return customers know that year after year giving private label water is a smart choice for trade show handouts. Give us a call or send us an email if you have further questions about shipping bottled water to trade shows. We’re happy to assist you with artwork as well as logistics.





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