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Product prototype labels in small quantities, fast. Create your label and order online.

Make Your Own Product Label

You’ve brainstormed and strategized, analyzed and evaluated, now you’re ready to bring your product prototype to life. One last thing you need is a quick, professional way to label your prototype. Don’t get stuck ordering 1000’s of labels just to pitch your product, or even to roll it out.

… depending on the type of product you are developing. The least expensive and simplest cases are products you can prototype yourself...

Shopify- How to Develop a New Product (From Concept to Market)

If that’s indeed your case, we help you keep down development costs for your prototype by offering not only a user-friendly online design tool to create your label, but also the ability to purchase your new product labels in small quantities.

A Few Things to Know Before You Start

You’ll want to choose a color scheme, possibly a tag line, and definitely a logo. Acquiring these items may seem overwhelming, but there is a lot of good information to be found on the web. Do some research, take some time, and figure out what your brand needs. Once you’ve done this then you’re ready to get started making a label for your prototype.

Choose a Color Scheme

When branding your business, looks mean everything, just like that first impression you get when you meet someone new. On top of that, color is key to branding. It pays to read up on color psychology before you choose your brand’s color palette.

When marketing new products it is crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors such as sound, smell and texture.”

Neil Patel Blog-How Do Colors Affect User Choices and Purchases?

Create a color palette for your new product line using a site like this.

Get a Logo

DO NOT forget about the logo. It is one of the most (if not the most) important pieces of marketing material in your arsenal.”

Blue Soda Promo-10 Things You Need to Know About Logo Design

If you need a logo there are websites that offer that service, like this one.

Get Started on Your Prototype’s Label

Once you’ve spent time researching color and have your logo file, you’re ready to start making the label for your prototype. You can do it from the comfort of your own home or sitting in your favorite coffee shop. Simply use our online design studio to make labels for products like food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and beverages.

Follow These Steps to Create a Product Label:

  1. Create an account so you can save your designs for free.
  2. Save your logo to your device for easy access. Make sure it’s 300 pixels per inch resolution and preferably a PNG file so it has a transparent background.
  3. Get the hex #’s for your color scheme and keep them handy.
  4. Start by uploading your logo using the Add Image tool. Once the logo is uploaded place it on the label and resize to your satisfaction.
  5. Choose a background color. Keep the contrast high between the text and background so you clearly see all your label elements.
  6. Add your text. Choose a font style, size, and color. Move the text around to give the label a balanced look. Remember, simplicity is best.

Some of the things you might want to include on the label are ingredients, nutritional information, dietary information, allergy warnings, content weight/measurements, serving size, and expiration dates.

Here’s the finished product below. Looks just like a product you’d find in the local tea shop!

Any new business will want to present a new product in the best possible light. Having professional looking labels gives your product a huge advantage when you take it to the market place.

Fast Printing Time for Product Labels

Once you’ve submitted your order it only takes two days to print, package, and ship out. Shipping time will depend on what level shipping you choose. We offer everything from ground service (slow) to overnight service (fast).

FREE Nutrition Facts Panel

Here’s a FREE blank nutrition facts panel in PNG format should you need it. Right click on the image and choose ‘save image as’. Name it and save it to your computer. Add it to your label in the online designer by using the Add Image tool. Resize it by selecting it, holding down your mouse, and dragging one corner in or out. Place it on the label where you want it. Fill in the numbers with your product’s information by using the Add Text tool. Once you type in your text, resize it, and move it to the corresponding location on the facts panel.

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Professional Quality Prototype Labels

Rest assured your labels will look professional and make your product shine. Our label material is NOT paper. It’s a synthetic, waterproof, self-adhesive substrate with a matte finish that’s printed on a commercial press. Your brand is safe with us as we check every order that comes through the queue and we’ll notify you if we see any issues.


If you need to ask questions please hit us up on live chat Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time. We try to answer all emails to info at bottleyourbrand dot com within 24 hours. You can also ask a question in the comment section below.





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