Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Water Bottle Label

We’ve noticed a lot of gender reveal baby shower themes out there recently and we think its such an adorable way to announce whether you’ll be having a boy or girl, that we decided to make a how sweet it is label for one. It can be a surprise to everyone including you, or you can surprise just your guests with the news. Some of our favorite parts of a gender reveal party? Having a cake that is either pink or blue on the inside and cutting into it while everyone watches. Or, having a box full of balloons and heading outside to see what color floats out once you open it up – blue or pink? We also like the idea of having people take bets on what its going to be – wear a mustache, wear a bow, keep tally on a chalkboard – there are so many fun and exciting ways to do a baby shower when its a Gender Reveal theme!

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