Funny Bumper Stickers

Chuck Norris Bumper Sticker

Bumper stickers can say a lot about who you are.  They can proudly proclaim which sports teams you live for, the name of the politician you’d like to see elected, your views on religion/love/food, and your opinion of the behavior of the drivers around you.

Or, they can reflect your state of mind.  Dancing With the Stars fans can toodle around town with bumper stickers proclaiming who they’d like to see win, card-carrying geeks can laugh about each other’s binary bumper stickers, and Jim Gaffigan fans can unite and rejoice about the magic of Hot Pockets and bacon.

Bumper stickers are more than just a cheap way to cover nicks, dents, and scrapes on your car, they can be an opportunity to allow total strangers to smile and commiserate with you while they’re sitting behind you in traffic.  Take, for instance, the Chick Magnet bumper sticker shown above.  Who knows, this simple and cute bumper sticker could give some random stranger a much-needed smile on a rough day.

So if you’re into random acts of kindness, slap a funny bumper sticker onto your ride and start spreading cheer and smiles wherever you may roam!  We have a whole section of funny bumper stickers, so pick one that tickles your fancy or, if none of them fit the bill, custom bumper stickers!





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