, Vases, recycled wine bottles, reused wine bottles, repurposed wine bottles

Fun Finds: Green Wine Bottles

We are all about reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible for the benefit of Mother Earth. Besides, there are so many fun and creative options when it comes to reusing things and turning them into something else equally as fabulous as what they were before. So, when we found Green Wine Bottles, we knew we had hit the jackpot. Artist David Guilfoose re-purposes old wine bottles into amazing sculptures, lamps, candlesticks and vases. Wine and recycling? Its an ideal combination!

Green Wine Lamps

These Corkscrew Lamps would look so beautiful all lit up – hanging in a kitchen, dining room – or even on a porch or patio, outdoors. Made to hold tea candles, each bottle is hand cut and polished, a elegant combination of form and function! Candlesticks, recylced wine bottles, repurposed wine bottles

How awesomely brilliant are these Lip to Lip Wine Sip Candlesticks? Here, artist Gavid Guilfoose has handcrafted candlesticks from two separate cut and polished wine bottles that he’s connected together at the lips. Wouldn’t these look great on your tabletop at your next dinner party?, Vases, recycled wine bottles, reused wine bottles, repurposed wine bottles

These recycled wine bottle vases have to be our absolute favorite. The Pod Vase and the Cut Vase are hand finished from recycled wine bottles and look so natural and organic. They would also make great centerpieces for bouquets of flowers at a wedding!


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