FREE! Festive Fonts for Holiday Labels

Ten Free Festive Fonts for Your Holiday Labels

When making holiday labels you’ll want to be sure to choose a font with a festive feel. Whether you’re making labels for giving wine, labeling craft beer, or making your own hang tags; the right font evokes the perfect mood. So, if you’re looking to add more of a holiday touch to your label artwork, you’ll want to think about fonts. All around you are ads, banners, billboards, websites, and product labels with very specific fonts. Those fonts are chosen for the ambience they create. To add some seasonal cheer to your label art, check out these top ten Christmas-looking fonts, all of which are available for your use in the Bottle Your Brand online design studio or to download from the web for free.


Sevillana is one of Google’s free fonts that has a bit of swash to it. With the perfect amount of curlicue, it brings to mind the holidays,. Here it’s used on a holiday canning label. TIP: Script style fonts are more difficult to read in all caps so stick to capitalizing just the first letter of a word. Find Sevillana font in the Display font family.


A font like Mountains of Christmas creates a playful look reminiscent of  Dr. Suess. It might even look like little Cindy Lou Who’s handwriting! It’s a happy font found under the Display font family in the online design tool. This mini wine label fits a 175 ml Christmas favor bottle.

Gift tag sticker with a holiday font Mountains of Christmas3. HENNY PENNY

For a roller coaster ride of a font choose Henny Penny. It’s curvy lines and sharp serifs lend an air of charm to Christmas labels. This is another font you’ll find in the Display font family. See how cheerful Santa looks with this greeting rolling out of his mouth on a Christmas wine label.

Christmas wine label with Santa found on


This free web font, Monsieur LaDoulaise, is a handwritten style script font and is perfect for more formal holiday designs . Lots of flourishes on the capital letters make it feel very Hallmark card-like. The font dresses up this seasonal beer label design. Find this font in our online design studio under the font family Handwriting.

Christmas beer label - Make one of a kind with free holiday fonts


This ornamental typeface has all the right elements for a holiday feel. It adds a classic, almost gingerbread look on any labels you create. It’s only drawback is it’s all caps which isn’t a bad thing. See how it decorates this holiday water bottle label. Find this font under the Popular  font family in the online designer. It’s also free online.

Christmas water bottle label with a holiday font.


The decorative font Ruge Boogie is dripping with curly cues and whimsical flair which makes it a font worth a second look. Use this font for holiday greetings like the one on this bottle neck label made for holiday bottles filled with  good cheer. Find Ruge Boogie from the drop down fonts in the Handwriting family.

Wine bottle neck label or beer bottle neck label with a holiday font for gifts.7. SPIRAX

An understated yet fanciful font, Spirax lends a subtle Christmas feel to text. It has tiny curls at points along the letter tips. Just a hint of Christmas without being overwhelming. The message on this holiday wine bottle tag says it all and Spirax lends it credibility. This font is in the Display font family.

Christmas bottle hang tag. Spirax font give it a holiday look.


Looking for a font that’s a little less curly and swirly than the previous fonts? Glass Antiqua is a free font that has a little flair to it without being overpowering. The rounded serifs give it an old time holiday look. This seasonal design for drink coasters displays the font in all caps with a mix of lower case text. It’s an understated font that’s versatile for more than just Christmas. Find this in the Display fonts of our online designer.

Custom holiday coasters. Festive font Glass Antiqua is used to give it a holiday feel.


If  you’re a bit quirky and give gifts to match, Griffy font is for you. It has the decorative flourishes and the uneven character lines of a cartoon, but with charm. See Griffy font on this gift tag sticker made for topping off Christmas presents. Griffy is also found in the Display fonts on BYB.

Gift tag sticker made with a free holiday font, Griffy.


10. SAIL

Sail is a free font that’s swirly and yet scripty. The capital letter swashes are exceptionally lovely for holiday greetings. It looks like very fine handwriting with flair where flair should be. It warms up the greeting on this 3 x 3 inch square sticker. Sail is found in the Display font family.

Holiday sticker with photo. Customize online with holiday style fonts.

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How to Change a Font

To change font once you’ve selected a design, look below the text lines to the orange Customize button. Click on the button. Now you are in the online design studio. Select the text by clicking on it. You’ll see blue boxes surrounding the text and the text options tool bar appears to the left of the design screen. Locate the FONT FAMILY drop down. Click on the drop down and a box appears with the font names in that font category. There are more font styles within that drop down. The font styles are:

  • Sans Serif
  • Display
  • Serif
  • Handwriting
  • New
  • Common
  • Popular
  • Exclusive

If you need help locating a font, we’re available on Live Chat weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm, Pacific time. Or you can always email us at info at bottleyourbrand dot com.



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