Eight Examples of Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Theme Examples

What’s the difference between a good baby shower and a great baby shower? The theme! It’s the first element to choose before hosting a successful baby shower. Once you’ve chosen a theme it’s easy to make a plan of action and order the cake, send the invitations, figure out the favors and the decorations. So how do you select a theme? The first step is to ask the mom-to-be if she has a baby shower theme preference. She may want to use the theme she’s chosen for the nursery. If she doesn’t have any preferences, check out these baby shower themes. There’s sure to be one you’ll have fun with.

Tea Party Baby Shower

Hosting an afternoon tea for a baby shower is an elegant way to celebrate. Tea parties are a great excuse to get out the best table linens and silver. Beautiful flower bouquets on each table complete the mood. Serve tea with a buffet of petit fours, scones, fruit and scrumptious shortbread cookies. Every lady likes to be served like a princess and a tea party is just the thing to give the prospective mom an elegant afternoon celebration. Set the tables with your favorite china cups and saucers and include party favors with an elegant baby shower label like the one on the favor box in the photo below. Tea experts agree that you never serve a tea bag in the cup. Brew your tea in a teapot and pour for each guest.


She’s Ready to Pop Baby Shower

There are two popular variations on the Ready to Pop shower theme. Champagne or Popcorn. When you choose the Champagne theme, as pictured below, the “pop” of the cork is the sound your guests hear as they open these adorable, small bottles of Brut with a personalized sticker. Create a custom sticker using the colors you’ve chosen for the party decorations. The scrumptious macarons compliment the fizz and sweetness of the champagne.

Baby Shower theme "Ready to Pop."The second “Ready to Pop” theme plays on the popcorn idea. Make an arrangement of cute popcorn boxes full of popcorn on  your party table. Add a custom baby shower label and bow to make it look amazing. You’ll find these scalloped popcorn boxes at the local JoAnn Fabric and Craft supply. Use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of the box and thread 1/2 inch ribbon through the holes and tie a bow. Easy, inexpensive and fast.

She's ready to pop popcorn boxes

Love You to the Moon and Back Baby Shower

This theme is based on the popular British author Sam McBratney’s book, “Guess How Much I Love You.” Make party favors like these small water bottle labels with the “Love You to the Moon and Back” design, Decorate a cake or cupcakes with fondant half-moons and hang glittery moons and stars above the party table.


Alphabet Baby Shower

The alphabet that everyone learns in the simple childhood song is another favorite baby shower theme. Colorful wooden baby blocks make delightful baby shower decorations. The water bottle labels on this 16.9 oz. bottle mirror the alphabet blocks and colors. Make alphabet petit fours or cookies to complete the theme. Suggest guests bring a favorite childhood book as a gift and write a special message to baby inside the cover.


Stork Baby Shower

A much beloved theme for baby showers is the classic stork delivering the bundle of joy. Wine labels and water bottle labels for baby boy and baby girl showers are easy to incorporate in the decorations. Personalize these labels for your mom-to-be.

Stork theme baby shower labels.

Baby Buggy Shower Theme

Whether the shower is for a girl or boy, a baby buggy motif in masculine or feminine colors is a visual delight for everyone. Add personalized wine labels on bottles served to the guests, whether the drinks are non-alcohol like sparkling cider or sparkling water for the expectant mother or include alcohol for the those guests who are so inclined. A cake in the shape of a baby buggy is easy to make using two  9″ cake rounds cut to make the top and bottom of the buggy. Use Wilton’s Mini Springform 4 inch pan to make the buggy wheels.

Custom wine label for a baby girl shower.


Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Ernie of Sesame Street sang “Rubber Ducky you’re the one…” How many times did you sing that as a child? Now you can host a baby shower featuring the popular bath tub icon. What better favor to include than water bottle labels with a rubber ducky pattern? There are many party stores selling Rubber Ducky plates, cups and napkins. We found our little ducks in a row at Toys R Us. The cupcakes pictured below are from iVillage and are actually made from marshmallows and donut holes. The orange beaks are made from orange fruit chews cut to shape. Pretty clever don’t you think?


Baby Onesie Shower

The baby onesie is the go to outfit for all tired moms suffering through endless changing and dressing of their newborn babies, so why not host a baby shower with a Onesie theme? Encourage guests to give a onesie in any size. Decorate with a onesie banner in baby girl or baby boy colors. This Onesie Banner was made for a baby boy with a grown up tie embellishment, but you can make one for a baby girl using the bow included in the template. The paper for this banner is Pebbles Scrapbook Paper in two patterns, Mamma’s Boy and Marine Dot. String a length of ribbon, yarn or bakers twine then pin the onesie cut-out to the banner with decorative clothes pins. Recollections ™ sells mini decorative clothespins in pastels and patterns.

Baby Onesie Banner

Close up of DIY baby onesie party banner

FREE! We’ve included this downloadable Onesie Banner Pattern. This pattern makes a fabulous party banner. It’s easy to make using scrapbooking papers and colorful clothespins. Each onesie is aproximately 8.5 inches tall by five inches wide. We also offer a Baby Onesie sticker for water bottles and party favor bags and boxes. You can find versions for boy babies and girl babies on this page.

Free Downloadable Baby Onesie Banner TemplateDOWNLOAD THIS PDF BY CLICKING HERE


There are so many wonderful themes to celebrate a new baby’s birth. These are just a few ideas to consider if you’re lucky enough to be planning a baby shower. If you need help making stickers for any of the items in the photos, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help.
Create your own mini wine labels


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