DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces

With all of the gray skies here in Seattle recently, we have been craving bright pops of color in our lives – just so we can feel like it really is spring around here. These DIY wine bottle centerpieces that we encountered over on the Ruffled blog, are just the ticket we’ve been looking for. Perfect for a wedding or party, these colorful bottles are a little pop-art and a lot of fun. What a perfect way to brighten up your table-scape and display candles or flowers.


Submitted by one of Ruffled blog’s readers, this is a great project for someone with lots of left over wine bottles…like us! Check out all the details and directions, below:


What You’ll Need:

– wine bottles
– liquid soap
– alcohol swabs, rubbing alcohol, Goo Gone and/or hard dish brush
-spray paint
– quick drying high gloss white spray paint or white primer spray paint
– quick drying high gloss spray in whatever colors you desire
– old sheet, drop cloth or any sort of covering for the surface you will be painting on


Step 1: Submerge wine bottles in warm soapy water until labels easily come off (this can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes).

Step 2: If you are having difficulty removing labels, try holding the bottles under warm water and use a hard dish brush to scrub off excess label/glue. I also find using alcohol or Goo Gone can help with this as well.

Step 3: Make sure soapy water is rinsed out of bottles and let bottles dry.

Step 4: Cover hard surface outside (away from anything you might damage with spray paint) and place bottles on the surface. Spray one thin, even coat of white spray paint or primer on each bottle (note, this does not have to be perfect). Make sure you are not holding the can too close to the bottle or the paint will get on too thick and start to drip. Let dry for about 15 minutes, then you can test the bottles by touching them lightly; if the paint is sticky they need more time to dry.

Step 5: Repeat this step about three more times with the colors you choose. If you are having trouble getting the paint on evenly, put your finger into the bottle opening to pick it up so you can see the bottle at a better angle and spray where needed. Because you are doing several coats, it will not be completely even until your final coat. If you need to do more than three or four coats, that is fine, just make sure they are not too thick.

Step 6: Pick up bottle and spray around the bottom edge so no glass is showing through. Then do a quick spray at the very top of the bottle. Leave bottles out to dry in a shaded place.


Bright, bold and beautiful!


3 responses to “DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces”

  1. Very nice. I really like the colors!

  2. Jamie

    I did these in fiesta colors (hot pink, orange, yellow, aqua, lime, red) for my May wedding. They were easy, cheap, and beautiful. And once the long stems were in them, they were gorgeous.

  3. Jessica

    What brand/color did you use for the purple bottles?

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