DIY Wedding Favors

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Any bride looking into doing DIY wedding favors ought look no further than custom labels (aka custom wedding stickers).  You can use custom labels to transform anything from store-bought to handmade!  If you have an ambitious list of projects that need to be completed before your big day, you’ll appreciate how fast and easy it is to customize labels using our site.

You can quickly upload engagement photos to your labels, add or change text, and customize the fonts and colors on your label to match the other elements of your wedding vision.  We make it easy to customize labels for the bride who’s short on time.

The great thing about custom labels is, you can use them to customize almost anything.  For example, look at the photo above.  Takeout boxes are adorable, and can be used to house almost any kind of wedding favor.  All it takes to customize those is a custom sticker, and now not only do you have an adorable wedding favor, you have an adorable custom wedding favor.

You can use custom labels to customize table numbers, wedding favor bags, out of town bags, wedding invitations, the possibilities are endless!  If you’re  a DIY bride, we’re sure you can easily come up with even more creative ways to put custom labels to use!  Let us take some of the work off your hands by printing up your creativity for you.  With our reasonable prices and high-quality work, the only thing you’ll be missing out on is the frustration of fighting with your home printer!





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