DIY Water Bottle Labels

[singlepic id=272 w=240 h=240 float=center]With everyone pinching pennies lately, event planning has become increasingly focused on DIY elements.  The happy upside to this shift has been that not only is this keeping personalized weddings affordable, it’s also making them one-of-a-kind!

There are times, however, when it really doesn’t make sense to do things yourself.  Certain tasks can turn Do It Yourself projects into Definitely Irritate Yourself projects.

For example, if you don’t know how to sew it’s probably a disastrous idea to try to sew your own wedding dress.  Likewise, if you’re a kitchen disaster waiting to happen, baking an elaborate cake is probably a recipe for failure.

DIY water bottle labels is another one of those projects that you can find endless tutorials and customizable templates for online.  Tips for doing so range from buying waterproof paper to print on to printing the labels on your home printer and then adhering them to the bottles using packing tape.

What they fail to mention, however, is the sacrifice of quality you get when you try to print your own water bottle labels.  There’s just no way that anyone’s home printer can compare to the printing capabilities of a commercial grade digital printer.

Additionally, printing your own labels and then adhering them with packing tape is a huge pain.  Packing tape sticks to everything (including itself!) and getting it on straight so that it looks nice up-close is a very ambitious goal indeed.

DIY is lovely, when you can truly express yourself and take joy in creating something one-of-a-kind.  Save yourself the heartbreak and hassle of printing your own labels, though, and let us handle that for you.  You can still design a completely custom label, and stick the labels on yourself.

We’ll just take care of the printing, so you get all the creativity and none of the hassle!





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