DIY – Graduation Cap Bottle Toppers with College Logos

– MAKE IT! Bottle Topper with College Logos –

This DIY graduation party project is for graduation caps to put on bottles as decorative toppers.

After the aisle stroll and the hat toss it’s time for a college graduation party! We call this graduation party, “Hat’s Off to the Class of 2021!” These colorful bottle toppers look like graduation caps when perched atop beverage bottles. They make memorable party decorations on bottles of beer, water, or wine, plus show pride for the alma mater as you honor your graduate.

Graduation Party Theme - "Hats Off to the Class of 2021". DIY bottle toppers with your graduate's school logo. Make these party decorations with minimal fuss.

Supply List

  • Template – free download – see below
  • Wrapping paper or scrap-booking paper with the grad’s college or university logo – use contrasting colors if available
  • Mini tassels
  • Glue dots dispenser or glue gun
  • Poster board
  • Colorful brads
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

The uniqueness of this DIY project is the logo paper from your grad’s university. I was lucky enough to find this University of Washington (Go Huskies!) scrapbooking paper in a nearby craft store, but there are many sites selling wrapping paper or scrapbook paper with college logos. The logo paper is glued on top of a square of poster board to make the top of the graduation cap sturdy.

The mini-tassels are a great find from Hobby Lobby. They’re actually 2 inch drapery tassels, but they were so perfect and inexpensive I couldn’t resist. They are available in gold, red, black, and cream. As you can see they are priced $2.49 for four tassels. Buying them sure beats making them from scratch for saving time. YouTube has many tutorials on how to make tassels using yarn or embroidery thread, if you are inclined to hand make them.


Print this free download and use the templates to make the graduation caps.

FREE Download - Template and instructions to make graduation cap bottle toppers with a college logo.

“Hats Off to the Class of 2021” Printable Sign

FREE SIGN DOWNLOAD - Hats Off to the Class of 2021

Custom Graduation Labels for Beer and Wine Bottles

Once you’ve made your bottle toppers you’re going to want to complete the look with custom labels for the bottles as well. Check out our pre-made designs for graduation beer and wine labels. Many of these templates have a dedicated area to upload a graduation photo. The text is editable for your graduate’s name, school, year, and degree.

Shop now for personalized graduation beer labels and wine labels. Edit the templates or make your own labels.
Make personalized graduation wine labels and graduation beer labels. Great adult party favors. Waterproof, self-adhesive, and ready to add to your bottles.

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