DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle

DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle Project

We are continually amazed and impressed by what people are able to create out of old wine bottles. We’ve seen so many awesome projects that you can make yourself, at home, with left-over bottles of wine and today’s find is one of our favorites of all time. This one, we might actually try for ourselves – it would look fantastic in your kitchen or wherever you choose to display it.

All you need is this: and empty wine bottle and a can of Chalk Board paint – which is easy to find at any local hardware or craft store. After you remove the label, all you have to do is cover the bottle in two coats of the paint and wait for it to dry.


DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle, image courtesy of

When it’s finally dry, you can create fun results like these:


DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle, image courtesy of

All you need is a creative idea and a piece of chalk. Wouldn’t these make great decorations on tables at your wedding? You could write the table numbers on them in chalk!



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  1. Fabulous! Love this neat chalkboard idea for dinner parties, weddings, etc! It’s great!

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