Pillow box wedding favors with burlap and lace.

Burlap and Lace Party Favors – Three DIY Projects

Burlap and lace are a mix of rustic country and city chic. I like the rough texture of the burlap juxtaposed with the delicate lace. If you”re as crazy for this theme as I am you’ll want to make these featured party favors. The only tools you’ll need are a ruler, iron, hot glue gun and scissors. Read on to see  how to make these favors and discover some other favors made with labels in the same theme.

Make these burlap and lace theme party favors.

Lace and Burlap Envelope

The first favor we feature is a lace and burlap envelope to hold seed packets. The burlap envelope is secured by sliding the lace band over the flap.

Step by step instructions show how to make this burlap envelope.

Start by using spray starch or sizing to smooth out the burlap. Iron flat.

Use spray starch and an iron to prepare the burlap.

Next make a template. Use tag board or tissue paper. This envelope pattern is 5.5 inches wide and 12 inches long. Adapt your envelope size to meet your needs.

Some of the supplies to make a burlap envelope. No sewing needed.

Fold each long edge over 1/2 inch and press.

Fold over the edges 1/2 inch.

Measure five inches and fold over lengthwise, then press. Hot glue along the seams and carefully press down to create the pouch portion of the envelope.

Measure the envelope and fold over.

Next, fold over the top flap and press down. Do not glue the top flap of the envelope.

Fold over the flap and iron.

Take the lace and measure a length around the top of the envelope. Leave enough lace to fold over the end and cut. Glue the ends to form a circle. Make a small bow from lace and hot glue to the middle of the circle opposite the glued seam. Insert seed packet and fold flap over. Slide lace band over the flap and you’re done!

The steps to making the closure for the burlap envelope.

Put seed packets in your burlap envelope for party favors.

 Mini Clay Pot Favor

This adorable live favor is made with two inch clay pots,  a mini basket, lace and burlap. We used a mini fern, but herbs, tree seedlings or any small plant will work.

Mini potted plant party favor made with cotton lace and burlap square.

These are the supplies we used. The wire baskets are actually sugar/sweetener  packet holders. These were purchased at TJMaxx. Small woven baskets like these work too.

Mini wire baskets and two inch clay pots

The pencils were placed in these photos to show you the scale of the baskets and pots.

Lace edging for clay pot favors

Shop for lace at your local craft store. This lace is from Hobby Lobby. Cut and hot glue a length around the top of the pot. Be careful not to glue your finger!  Cut a 4 inch by 4 inch square of burlap and  place inside the basket. Next, thread lace around the top of the basket and tie a bow on one side.

Mini clay pot party favors

The clay pot is ready for planting. Adorable!

Burlap and Lace Favor Box

The final DIY favor is a pillow box embellished with burlap and lace ribbons. These boxes are great for candies or small edible favors, even seed packages.

Pillow box wedding favors with burlap and lace.

These are the materials you’ll need to make this favor: a spool of burlap/lace 2.5″ wide, pillow boxes in natural kraft brown, narrow ribbons of choice and tiny flowers for the embellishment. By far this is one of the easiest favors I’ve ever put together. Lure a few friends with a good bottle of wine, sit down and watch your favorite movie while you make these boxes. They’re that easy to make!

Supplies to make burlap and lace favor box

Fold the ends of the pillow boxes in so the box is no longer flat. Measure the burlap/lace ribbon around the pillow box and overlap one edge. Glue firmly on the ‘back’ side. Do the same with the other ribbons, layering from widest to narrowest on top. Finish off with  a dab of hot glue to hold the flower in place.

More DIY Favor Ideas

Custom hang tags are versatile favors to tie on boxes, bottles, and bags. The one featured in the photo below has a special message from a bride and groom.

Hang tag for seed packet favors.

I promised some additional burlap and lace favors at the beginning of this post. Aren’t these wedding water bottle labels delightful? Find and customize your water bottle labels with this design here.

Burlap and Lace wedding water bottle labels.

Include the matching wine label to complete your wedding favor ensemble.

Wine label "Burlap & Lace"

Our DIY projects for parties are almost always user friendly! We want you to have fun party planning. If you have questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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