Break Out Your Flip-Flops!

Two cocktails toasting a warm Bahama sunset make you want to hop on a plane and start your vacation immediately?  Well, if you plan a destination wedding at a tropical venue, your wish may just be granted!

The tricky thing about destination weddings is, What to bring?  Suitcase space is limited, but you don’t want to sacrifice your wedding style for luggage economy, so what do you do?  You think smart, that’s what!

One of our favorite little destination wedding tricks is to use custom water bottle labels for wedding favors and Out of Town Bags.  Custom water labels are small, and easy to tuck into a suitcase, but they make a huge impact when guests take a look!

Just order the water labels only, then purchase bottled water/fruit juice/whatever bottled beverage you like once you get to your destination.  Our labels are completely self-adhesive, so they’re a cinch to apply quickly, and they are an easy custom touch to add to your nuptials.

You can use custom labeled beverages at your wedding reception, wedding rehearsal, and in Out of Town Bags.  You can arrange bottles of water artfully around the reception or rehearsal tables, or tuck a few custom bottled waters into the Out of Town Bags.

The best part is, you can put whatever you want on the label!  A photo background of your wedding venue, your engagement photo, your names, a welcome message…The options are endless!





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