Custom Wine Labels Make a Big Splash!

[singlepic id=254 w=240 h=240 float=center]We love helping event planners bring their design concepts to life.  Professional event coordinators know that even the smallest décor elements can pack the biggest punch as long as they’re placed wisely.

For example, look at the wine label shown above.  The Museum of Flight, an awesome local museum, hosted its annual Hangar Dance in honor of the anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing B-17.  This gala was a black-tie affair, with dinner, dancing, and cocktails.

Obviously, the décor had to be as elegant as the fine folks attending the event, so the Museum of Flight designed these custom wine labels and had us print them.  They knew they could trust our digital printers to print clear, picture-perfect wine labels that would stay on the bottles and look phenomenal.

[singlepic id=255 w=240 h=240 float=center]We were also pleased to print the labels for a local wine event, Kirkland Uncorked.  Our facilities are actually located in Kirkland, so we were happy to have the inside scoop on what the labels would look like this year.

This custom wine label was designed by Seattle’s Bold Hat Productions.  They were easily able to upload the finished design to our site and we had them printed and shipped in two business days.  These labels will look amazing at this fun outdoor event!

If you’re planning an event soon, please contact us about printing custom labels.  We’re happy to discuss ideas, designs, and pricing with you, so you have the information and resources you need to give your event that little something extra!





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